Filling up the PVP planner for fightinng pits

There are some empty boxes that I dont understand.
Energy reset for the pits is 24h, assuming that I log each day should I put 100% in the free energy used box?
Pack exchange - Is this related to how many energy box you spent each cycle to get energy?
I can exchange the usual 10 pack or double it since the planner shows that I’m spending very few energy packs compared to what I have stocked.

Attack section, I deliberately used less points per attack, just to make it more grindble and ensure 100% success regardless of defenders .
The planner shows that I will used 250 IF and 80 energy boxes. This is fine, Is that mean that I will have to fly 250 runs over 4 days ? (less due to wild fire).
Bottom line is I need to figure out how many normal runs with 1 or 2 IF i need to do each day in order to end the pvp event with 43k points, while having enough resources left for season. (800 energy box 1000 IF)
Any advice is welcome.

can I have the url for that page plz?

Pencil - search the forum for pvp planner yo will see the post with the links

ok thanks

Energy reset for Fighting pits is 6h, not 24h

Free energies are energies that regenerate over time at one energy per 15 min, with a cap of 16 energies at a time. To use them fully you need to log in and do 4 attacks every 4 hours. An average person should be awake (but not obviously available) for 16h a day, so 4 times 4 attacks or 67% free energies if they are dutifully using their free runs.

Yes, that’s how many chests you will spend each round.

Since there are many resets for this event it’s more interesting to spread your energies over most rounds you know you will be awake, generally 10 to 12 rounds. But you can always adapt if you have limited availability to play.

Yes, that’s the number of flights over 4 days you’ll need to do.

From your screenshot, you will already have 53k points and that’s not event counting Wildfires, so you might want to try and adjust that so the total is a bit under 40k. You’ll get extra points with Wildfires.

A word of warning: it’s easy to forget that 200 runs is on average 10 hours of flying non-stop, so be prepared to fly 2 hours and half per day. It requires dedication. I hope you like audiobooks or listening to movies, cause grinding in pvp is not only time-consuming but also boring at times.


Thank you !
I saw an 18h reset, so I figured its 24h, probably because we are in treasure hunt period.
I will adjust the the planner accordingly.
This is my first pvp event in 3 years of play that I want to grind, so I needed a ballpark figure on how many runs/time per day required to invest for the 43k points mark

Actually you’d only need 164 attacks for 210 points a pop to get to 43k with wildfires, assuming you are using 1IF/atk 100% of the time and none during WF
So 652 energies (but it’s better to prepare a little margin just in case) and 164 IF used. Chests depends on your wise use of resets.

Hi all🤗 Maybe, have anyone screenshots of prizes higher 140k in Fight Pits?

Download the planner via the post link below

Lol, How you managed to be so number specific?
If you used the planner, can you share the screenshot?

I would guess he used the magic of math… I think it’s one attack short though.

165 attacks x 210 points = 34650
16 wildfires x 105 x 5 = 8400

34650 + 8400 = 43050.


But 140k its not a maximum. I need maximum. Mithic rune and more. Prizes 200k+ points. Sorri, my English bad. Planner show only to 140k

That’s the “maximum” AFAIK.
The highest one is Legendary Rage glyph, with 11k rubies + 750 sigils (1st prize)

Ok. A team gauntlet in this planner show 239k maximum. But! I was taking prizes higher. 289k or 299 (don’t remember) and 300k +

189k fight pits

Thank you for your insights and helpful comments.
I reach the 43k target.
As Kardul mentioned flying for 2h+ each day is hard and boring.
Not much fun either.
I learned 2 things from this experiment:

  1. playing for such a long time is not feasible for me in the long run and I will not repeat it.
  2. I entered 105 points for each run as the minimum, in reality there are so many bad built bases out there that the actual revenue per attack was between 120-125 points.

Onward to breeding and the next pvp event :slight_smile:
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Glad you got there, and-This is why people use supers.

I mega coined this entire event. :crazy_face:

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