Filters in Chat

May I suggest filters in team chat for membership new arrivals? The new arrivals sometimes get lost in the stream.

You get a “BillyBob has joined the team! Welcome your new teammate!”

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Yes I do.
It is helpful.
But they are intermixed with many other messages (chat, requests and fulfillment of resources requests, attack and assist messages, etc) and I have missed some. (as Team Leader, I would prefer to miss none - Intro, initial suggestions to the newbies, rules, etc.)
A filter of System messages “by type” would be helpful.

As leader, you can then on and off resources and attack logs.
Its somewhat like a filter.

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But I don’t see such a filter function.
Are you talking about regular play or Atlas?
In regular play team chat, I only have a checkbox to turn System Messages on and off.

In team messages there’s an on/off for resource transfers, attacks (war, all, or off) and general I Believe in “general settings”.
Not sure about atlas, but it’s on regular…

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I found what you are referring to.
It is in Team Meeting Hall, in the 3rd tab, in team options (Chat Notifications).
I think I could do without the Attack notifications, but we manage a lot of Resource requests and movements.
To have to go back an forth (on a cell phone), with so many click and scrolls, it would be nice if they could put those filters on the actual chat screen.
BTW since it is in the Team Management section, would those be global controls on the entire team?

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Yes, as leader if you alter those settings it will also alter them for everyone on your team.

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Thank you.
I appreciate you bringing this option to my attention.
But given the general chatter and and the sharing of resources on are team, this would not be a good option for us.

Thanks again.

(I hope the game admins take my filter options to heart. I believe it would make the game more interactive and enjoyable.)

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Maybe tag PGgallelio or someone to bring their attention to this.
And no problem, glad I can help.

Sorry, relative newbie to the forum.
How do I tag PGgallelio?

Put an @ in front of PGGalileo

@PGGalileo your assistance is required:)


@GoddessArtemis - Thank you.
I didn’t see others using this method. So, I thought there was another method used.
Live and learn.
Thanks again!

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