Final Harbinger Tier Dragons Release

With the breeding event upon us this week I am curious if there is any information regarding if the final Harbinger Dragons will be released with this coming event or not yet. I’m not into Harbingers yet but am close so wondering mostly for how they will effect my breeding path for this event.

I did a brief search and didn’t find any open topics on the subject so I apologized if this is a repeat.


It’s not a repeat :slight_smile: I’m never going to reach harbinger this year so :joy::joy: but am interested to see.

Nope. Not yet. :wink: We will let you know when more information is coming up. It will not be this event!


Thank you very much Crisis for your prompt and direct response, it is very much appreciated!


Any new research ?

I hope it will come with a gift :wink:

:sob::sob::sob: I waited a month to see if there would be harbingers to breed… now I’ll have to get estril who I hear so many mixed reviews on

this season? im about to hit a breeding wall so kind need those new dragon


What wall you hitting rec?

They said on stream, probably a few months

that rhyo has no good breeding path up, so im forced to do full priced mafic now just to reach the next tier

Any news regarding this subject ? Breeding event is coming… would be nice to have something to breed :wink:

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Tokens and frags have built up for a few breeding events now… it would be nice to contribute to the team this event. Guessing since they haven’t released any teaser info at this point and they’ve already got the week 6 seasonals and Atlas expansion that it’s a longshot for this event, but we can hope…

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She said on stream, about another month


Arf… thx for the feedback

I’m assuming they will be released towards the end of the season when we have another feed/breed combo

Can we please at the very least then have new research ? I would rather see new dragons but it’s been month with nothing to do for breed events that can get us any points. This puts anyone with all current dragons at a further disadvantage for sigils as well seems really unwise to punish spenders this many events in a row now. Can we please have an answer on this ?

Ssshhh! Or they’ll give us garnet level research that will boost such things as:

ballista damage
Evasion duration
Havoc increase
reduce hit points for Rhyo’s minion or get him desummoned even MORE often (for a 3 rage spell)

and more ultra lame things.


I guess that‘s what the endgame is like. Most of the time there is no new content if you‘re at the very top.

I mean see it this way, breeding for endgame players is like just another major event: You spend a ton of resources to obtain prizes without gaining any new permanent content (towers/dragons).

You even save the time of mindlessly grinding from major events and you don‘t have to butnout or lose team ranking points.