Final Plea for Change

For the past 4 years, I have seen this game undergo many changes some good and some bad. September 5th, 2016 is my War Dragons birthday. PG has had this the whole time I’ve been playing, and it seems things have gone downhill fast.

Atlas was introduced as a new feature to give new life to a stagnant game. Atlas was a great addition, as well as a great way to help players progress. The benefits are great when working properly. More egg tokens, more timers, more fun. The current state in which we find ourselves with Atlas is broken, and I use broken as an understatement. It is virtually unplayable as it is intended to be played. Many are concerned about the future of Atlas, and War Dragons as a whole. This game has potential to be lucrative in terms of profit. Atlas is a major avenue of revenue for you PG, and you know that. So why hinder profit?

We as a community want one thing, a playable game. There are teams who spend months planning castle conquers. Those plans go out the door due to the current state of Atlas. Teams have lost castles because of the lag and server issues. They cannot move to their 5TA’s castle, let alone their own castle in some cases! This is completely unacceptable, and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Teams are essentially being punished, not for fault of their own, but yours. I would be ashamed and embarrassed right now if I were an employee. How can you be proud of a broken product? I believe I speak for most, if not all when I say we as a community are concerned about the future of not only Atlas, but for the future of War Dragons in general. There are individuals as well as whole teams that are ready to quit all together due to the blatant negligence on your part.

What we as a community are asking of you PG, please, give us a playable game. A good majority have Atlas and we want it to work properly. Many have invested a lot of time and money into Atlas to achieve what they have. I have reached out to the leadership of every team in my Sapphire 2 league as well as the leadership of each team in Diamond 1, as well as other teams. My team, Invalesco, in conjunction with many other teams have decided to cease any further spending beginning the Fall Season (whatever it will be called) until Atlas is fixed and in proper working order. The sooner that happens, the sooner people MAY begin spending again.

If you are part of a team that has not already gotten this memo, we ask that you stand with us all. Our only chance to get PG’s attention is if we all stand together and demand that they take action. It has been almost 1 year since KingDread posted his letter. The time for talking began and ended with that letter. This is a letter demanding that you, PG take action to right the wrongs. Please, ensure Atlas is working properly before releasing the update. I am sure that the community will understand if you need to test more.

The War Dragons Community


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You may take a look into this here cause thats exactly what me and other friends i met in game feel actually. Its not your game anymore we liked to play that makes us log.


You didn’t watlk to meeeeee i am asad ghost

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Agree 100%


SUKZ2BEU supports this… a lot have actually stopped spending this season due to being utterly disappointed in the game currently… if it wasn’t for the people u play beside most wouldn’t bother logging in and as more and more leave without change this will eventually be NoMansLand


Agree 100%, i lost count of people really thinking to simply stop playing.


Do not forget the boycott of 2016. There a danger of not listening to your customer base. Please learn from the section “Surprise and Delight vs Pain Relief”. We know you have awesome plans to show us, but the surprise means nothing if it cannot be delightful due to the issues.

For those of you not familiar, it is a worthwhile read. This kind of banding together does work.


I agree. Idk what happen but atlas lag is crazy . And same events past years are boring as fuck. Please come up with some new events. During this pandemic you guys should have come up with alot of crazy things . I trust you guys will make all this right

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Great letter to PG. would be nice if they listen. Totally agree with your sentiments


Thoroughly agree with you :+1:


My team HEREXBEXDRAGON supports this 100%! It needs to be taken seriously!


agree 100%

We had 2 game stoppages mainly because of the atlas bugs this summer which are becoming discouraging and a conquest canceled because it is impossible to kill a primach

I stop my atlas elite account. It is useless in the current state of things


I LOVE that you pointed this out!!

Mainly because the first sentence of that letter states, “we are a united group of leaders in Diamond league who are concerned about the direction that War Dragons is taking.”

PG only listens to the whales in this game. Sad but true. Even though Sapphire league is the most competitive (and in my opinion, the more strategical and therefore strongest in the game), Diamond has deep pockets, so that’s who PG listens to. But if the masses of competitive and strategical players in this game, on all sides of alliances step up to support this, it would hopefully send a message and make an impact.

I love my enemies! They give me glory so that I can collect prizes, to build my base and my dragons! Occasionally they win. Occasionally I win. It’s a cycle that should be enjoyable and FUN. The problems in this game suck ALL the joy out of that!

I support this, FULLY. Wake TF up PG…

-Signed, someone who wants to play in ATLAS


I support this 100%, we have been told repeatedly that the goal is to increase castle turnovers and basically increase team vs team atlas activity and they have actually made that near impossible. As leader of a strong pvp and atlas team I know many of my players have quit spending as well, who wants to spend on something that has basic functions that don’t work correctly. Especially when there is 0 compensation, even for big mistakes and supports go to, is just be patient.

Players will be happier with a game that works as intended, rather than one that plays like it is currently with “new features” that only work partially, or are poorly thought through.

We just want to be able to play!


Outside atlas it would also be good to add pvps because we only have 3 and we really end up in a boring routine

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I just attacked six players in aligaine and got zero glory in a row. It took me 10 tries to move to the castle and I still had to reboot the game twice before I could move there by the time I moved to the castle I clicked on it only to see that every player was blank. It did not show any more what troops they had how much glory etc. I restarted game again ok I click attack I kill the guy nothing. Repeat…I attack a guy kill him nothing repeat. You have been attacked by dreadnaught and prime destroyed good bye 20k.

This has been happening to me for two weeks now. Forget aligaine. That’s how you have to play the game now. So I have joined a pirate team in disgust of atlas and the politics. Seriously like fk this game sometimes. Why can’t you roll it back to ver 3.0 before you introduce draco the chest eating dragon. Since that day I have had to buy three new devices and fear every update will break the game. Stop adding crap we don’t need or want. Fix the lag in atlas and pvp or you will see a mass exodus.

Ps I’m lvl 520 am I a whale?


Thoroughly agree with you !!! :clap:t2::clap:t2:


Continuing the discussion from Final Plea for Change:

I have already moved to a new game … I don’t know how much longer I’ll be staying in WD. The other game is fast moving loads of prizes & when they want to sell me something… it’s $5 not $100 (I have noticed the prices get higher as the next level pops us but it’s still a far cry from $99.99 and a monthly $19.99 for broken play). I’m sad … hopefully my WD friends will join me in my new game). I’m still checking in for runs on WD … but for how much longer :woman_shrugging:t2:


I am in full support of this as well, many, many times now I’ve thought about quitting the game the only thing that keeps me around is my team/family. I can probably speak for most of my itty bitty team as well and say most of us have stopped spending due to pg’s incompetence with any and all atlas problems as of late. Every “update” seems to make things worse and the people that are supposed to answer our tickets and look into our problems to help us give a different variation of the same reply each and every time. Something needs to change here please listen to what remains of your players.


We support this 100%…it’s long overdue, especially in the age of technology that we have now, where the basic function of attacking in Atlas, WDs pride and joy, is damn near impossible.

We’ve had a couple players recently quit the game because they can’t play atlas…why spend on elite and compete right now? These are GOOD players that I’m losing, which effects all over aspects of a team game.

I see a lot of posts and folks complain about castle guard swaps or glory partners as the lazy way to gain glory or influencing the stagnation of the game…when, in reality, it’s the only feasible way to gain a solid amount of glory without the game freezing up.

I would LOVE to join ally battles more, but I need to tap my head, rub my belly, put my left foot and and take it out, and say the alphabet backwards at the same time just to get entrance to a battle.