Final team prize

Have i missed something or why are final team prize back from 30k ish to 82k? or was in only temporary 30 for a few month?

It’s been on 82k for a while now

It depends on the event :

  • Fight pits = 30K
  • Kingdom of war = 42K
  • Temple raid = 82K
  • Gauntlet = 82K
  • Fortification = 1M
  • Breeding = 180K

Correct me if I’m wrong.


I think that one thing had changed wasn’t buying energy like: 10,20,and 29. And now its 10,20 and 30.
Did something changed?


I was sure / hoped PG changed all event to 30k when prev was 30 but it was me having a brain fart

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Funny, I bought 100 energy for 15 packs and then 24 on my alt account. I thought I was seeing things lol

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