Finding a new home lv223


Ign : TwiGo. Lv223
Im finding a new team. It would be great if u guys have atlas too


Most people would be curious in the following as well:



Found this response somewhat obscure as a reply to Twigo’s request, Red. Could you amplify perhaps.


She means, most good teams want to know more than what is your level. They want to know thinks like your dragons (emerald? garnet?), etc etc


NEW TEAM in Bronze of players from Platinum. We are not Beta/no world map but would love to have some high leveled players, could quickly grow back to where we were. New team do to difference of opinion with old.

DragonsDice, Joker69er is our leader. I am an officer.


We would love to have you. We don’t have atlas yet we are waiting for it to trickle down. Message me in game. QueenFlames916 my team is MysticDragunz


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