Finding passed Pearls

Once an event is over there should an apitional was to get pearls to evolve an dragon I’ve got 7 dragons that can’t be evolved because the pearls aren’t available ember pearls keep coming up in the store but what about the better dragons that came after

They’re evolve stones, and you can only get them during an entire season, not a singular event.

There are approximately 2,765,384 threads that discuss them and bringing them back.

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Yes I just didn’t remember the correct name for them n it’s good that the problem is out there n ppl want to see progess in making it easier to evolve dragons

These dragons are like trophies. Seeing a Garnet Borgian from last summer is like a badge.

PG has said they will not release evolve stones for past dragons. You have to get them during the season they were offered, and that is that.

See this link below for FAQ info about evolution stones: Welcome to War Dragons: FAQ

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Too speedy for the box but official PG post + rehashed on the streams.


Focus on whats going on now, stop looking backwards, we aren’t going that way


Welcome to the froums! We have all made mistakes in the game or made decisions we later regret. However, as posted in November, limited-time items/dragons are meant to be limited time.

Next time, please make use of the “search” feature on the top right hand corner of the page to see if your question/suggestion has already been answered or addressed!