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This Channel is fairly new, so there isn’t a whole lot of content yet. As time goes on, the playlist will grow.

Anything you would like to see made into a video, let me know as well and I’ll work on it!

Hey Welcome!

Good to see some new streamers around.
Mind giving us an introduction as to what your experience in gaming and streaming is, and what viewpoint you bring to the game?



Of course!

Well, I’m 29 years old, so my experience in gaming starts at a young age. I have always been interested in the gaming industry in general, and have always wanted to make content. Recently, I was finally able to pursue doing so. I started playing on console, and have since moved towards all aspects, specifically mobile games. I fell in love with War Dragons back in 15’ when it came out, and took a good break to focus on seperate things. Now I’m back full force, and want nothing more than to create, and grow along with the awesome community this game has. My viewpoints come from a background of research, hands-on experience, and suggestions picked up while playing the game in general. I also manage people IRL for work, so as far as a leadership standpoint, you’ll get that too.
Thanks for having me here!

Since you’re still low level, I would advise a stream focused on the challenges of being a low level in this game. But please refer to already existing resources such as wdgeeks or Red’s breeding guides or Mech’s countless spreadsheets before you start giving advice. Because more likely than not, someone else has already answered that question. Have fun!


I appreciate your advice Grumpy, but I will still provide content with my own suggestions and tips based on how I see it. There are many individuals that are better auditory learners, so hearing something, along with seeing it, can help a lot of people out. Of course I will take other provided content into account before giving any advice out. I’ve had a Hi lvl account before, so I’m taking knowledge from that as well. Thanks again!

I might suggest making a playlist that is specifically war dragons and linking to that as it might be easier for people to see. As it is it looks like you promote a lot of games so it might make it easier for people to find your stuff if you put each into their section and then link to the war dragons stuff.

Since it currently comes across as promoting a general gaming channel, I’m going to move it to general discussion. If you decide you want to make a dedicated WD playlist and link to it let us know and we’ll move it back here.

Good luck!


I’ll do that now actually. I’ll let you know when thats done. Thanks Poseidon.

Here is the updated Playlist Link!

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:smiley: Castle location obtained…


I think you need some QC… :joy:


I watched the base building one. It’s slow but I got through most of it.

You called a ballista an “Ok tower if you are low level” rather than a very clear “don’t build this”. No explanation how Ice turrets shield is different than the storm. No advice on using a fort planner. No advice on not building blah towers (trebuchet, lighting) since it will artificially increase your level. No advice on only building one flak for free to play players. No advice on not building a lot of new premium towers at all due to limited resources. You have a lot of towers in storage for a level 56. Your base setup isn’t ideal with setup (island 3 especially) with the red in the corner and the storm in the middle. Archer towers are actually good, by the way, and just storing it (like all those other towers in your storage) is a mistake (especially for a lighting). Less in storage the better.

You do say build a short base, but no other information as to what limits that (builders hut, level when your small) or why it’s damaging to do what you did and end up with towers in storage.

I stopped watching after this. Overall, I don’t see why people should listen to your “guides”. There is a lot of mistakes and a lot lacking. Good luck.


Literally I watched the “base building” video after your comment (I stopped watching after a few(?) minutes in Atlas glory hunting)

I’d say that the first thing to do before creating base building / tower review is knowing all towers first (either pointing at proper in game info, or external sources).


Honestly, any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is more than welcome, so thank you. As for some others, I can see why SOME people have an issue with the WD community lol. Heartless. Either way, you feed the fuel to keep improving, so booooo.

And its why the video says “basics” my guy. For somebody just hopping into the game. Not for you Hoss. I do appreciate the info that can be removed/added for the beginners that need it. Thank you.

For someone just starting the game, it’s important for them to understand how unforgiving the game is for making mistakes early, and especially for a base building guide, help them understand which towers to build and why, as well as which towers never to build (ballistas, trebs) or which towers to build 3-4 years down the line (Lightning’s). Bonfires pointed out the inaccuracies and lacking information in your video; it’s up to you whether you take this constructively, but the information is there.


This is perfect. Rerecording will happen!


Can you make some Atlas vids? I still don’t have any linked to my wiki yet. :weary:

I do have an Atlas basics, And Atlas Glory Hunting intro video you can check out. I’ll be the first to say that there may be some imperfections with my videos so far, but everybody learns, listens, and gets better.

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If I was you I would play much longer maybe join a strong team with helpful players. Read all the guides around here some good stuff in them.
The game completely changes, so what’s ok for a level 50 is not going to be ok a little later on so those lower level players should prepare there bases for that change and have a base they can grow.

If someone is to watch a video on base building or glory they don’t want to just be read the general description of glory or a tower. They can do that themselves…They want to know what towers to use & not to use.
They want to know good layouts and other defensive tips.
I’m not saying this to be mean I think that if you really want to stream these videos and people to watch them then you need to be more informed yourself on the topics your posting about otherwise you’re going to get a lot of negative feedback.

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I take all feedback, good and bad. Again, this is why the video says “basics.” You can see I only have 5 videos up right now, so there’s what you have to go off of. I get it. Feedback only helps me grow. Just as I will make videos talking about growth (whats good for a 50 isn’t going to be great later, like you said…), as I do. Nobody takes a sub-100 seriously, whether or not they have had a High-Level account before. When it comes to making video’s about simple stuff like general description, THAT is more for people that haven’t played the game before, or are just touching on it, and like auditory and visual, rather than just visual.

That being the case, I will change the title of the Topic.