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Since 02.21.2019 (on the Atlas building troops event) there is an error every time: “FINISH TROOP FAILED”.

With Russian technical support (request #1558911) we tried all possible actions:

  1. Numerous game restarts during the finishing of troops

  2. Full reinstallation of the game (with return to factory settings)

  3. The transfer of Primarchs in NML

  4. Changing language and avatars

  5. Changing internet connection

Nothing helped. Atlas elite Bonus was burnt.

In this state of thing the Atlas for me has lost all meaning.

In the last reply I was told that “the engineering team is carrying out a number of complex activities to isolate the cause of the problem and fix it completely”.

But I’m not sure that the game developers are even aware that there is such a problem.


Atlas issues or bugs

Was before that just less often


It’s more often if you are around aligane. I found it less buggy when in other locations



I’ve gotten all sorts of error messages when around Aligane. That location causes such a drain on he servers, which impacts the connection, causing all sorts of fail this and fail that messages

I would suggest moving as far away from that area as possible before claiming your troops.

If you are and are still getting that message than something else is going on.


I have this same bug and lost my ability to finish troops since that date as well.

This is a major bug that they haven’t fixed, which has ruined my Atlas game, burnt my 30 day Atlas elite and created hours of time spent following all of the troubleshooting that support has instructed me to do😣.

I certainly hope they get it fixed soon, as it has ruined my last two troop training events and completely halted my ability to finish troops or battle in Atlas and make any progress in the Atlas season.

Not sure why support cannot just provide affected players with resources to instant summon troops, so we can move forward with our Atlas seasons🤷‍♂️


We actually do have a ticket open to engineers regarding this issue as your ticket was escalated up to us. I don’t have an update on when this will be resolved at the moment.

We don’t typically compensate players on a case by case basis especially when it’s something that we’re currently investigating.


This investigation has been ongoing since February 21st.

Affected players have had their Atlas season come to a screeching halt!!!


Still unable to finish troops. This is the third troop training event that has been ruined by this bug!!

@PGJared can you please look into this bug??

I was hoping support could provide the ability to instant summon troops, so that affected players could participate in the Atlas events and Atlas Season


This issue is resolved for me after rebooting the servers in the Atlas. Thanks a lot to your engineers. Of course it is a pity that I was not able to participate in all leave in the Atlas for 3 weeks ))

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why can’t we make auto transfer of troops (after troop training completion) to barracks instead of player doing it manually to barracks or prim? This single step will solve this headache.

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