Finish your last attack glitch

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Lately it’s impossible to do anything in atlas, lag, glitches like finish your last attack, etc…

My whole TA just went offensively against guard and we had dozens stuck with this “finish last attack glitch”, just sitting there and getting killed!

Tickets been sent but no answer and troops lost throughout the day!!

It’s happening close to 10 times a day every time we try to do something in atlas!

At least give us an answer to our tickets and refund us our troops back!


That happend to me Yesterday aswell

Had it today during a major attack and all what helped is shutting off the device and restart and this several times in a row.
And no, it has nothing to do with the device or my Wi-Fi cause it’s the same for many players in our TA!

When you see this, did the game just crash in battle or did you force quit the game in battle?

This comes from our battle reservation system designed to prevent several types of cheating. Players would use a certain exploit where they’d attack a primarch from two devices on the same account. There was another exploit involved with force quitting during a battle. If a battle reservation is acquired by a player and never released (the game crashes or the user force quits the game in battle), the reservation isn’t released. If this happens, the reservation system won’t let the player start a new battle until 10 minutes after the last one was started. This won’t happen if you quit a battle without quitting the game itself.

I was seeing this a lot with the recent Reyze crashes on Android. Every crash meant I couldn’t attack for 10 minutes. I spoke with the engineer who designed the battle reservation system and convinced him to reduce the lock out time to 2 minutes. This is a compromise between the need to prevent exploits and the frustrations players face when they get locked out from something like a crash. If you see this message, attacks should start working again 2 minutes after you started your last attack. This change from 10 minutes to 2 minutes just went out yesterday.

If you’re seeing this happen in some other situation, let me know the specific details and I can check to see what’s happening.


Known glitch/bug/problem… only way is to wait for 20 minutes.

Edit: PgMatt says it is 10 mins… so it is.

Edit 2: lol… he says 2 mins. :rofl:

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It should be 2 minutes now.

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We just had several players having the glitch without forced quit and some, me included, last attack done was more than 20min before facing this error.


Send me a PM with the player name and the exact time it happened, and I can look it up in the logs.

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This issue has been ongoing for over two months, however, even Pg prevention team couldn’t support me. The frustration thing is when I’ve open a support ticket, they would get closed down without a solution or a resolution.

I’m aware that there is a fix coming but having ongoing battles with support for over two months and not being compensated adequately, is depleting and I’m struggling to enjoy this game!!

Now I’ve fewer troops left and with this continuing risk! I feel like a spare part in the team!!

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It was my experience in the past. I did not have the same problem for the last year or so…

Something must have been fixed lately. :rofl::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:

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It was 10 minutes before. The code to change the block attack duration to 2 minutes was deployed yesterday around 11 am Pacific Time.

It happened to me 7.5h ago and this is my player name.
Just for the protocol I don’t play this account only on one device.

@PGMatt thank you for the explanation. but I remember I actually tried to see how much time it was in the past. It was 20 mins as far as I remember.

I can be wrong. I am just telling this as feedback to this problem. IF you are sure it is 10 mins, I do not have the sourcecode.

Thanks Matt, PM sent.

Me fortunately managed to get past the delay time at the castle with only 1 attack on my prim and moved off!

Others were stuck there with around 70k troops just watching banners popping against them.

I’ll look into it. Playing your account on two devices shouldn’t hurt anything, but playing on both at the same time can cause issues. Attacking with two devices on the same account at the same time is one of the things this was designed to prevent.


I thought it was 20 minutes too. It felt like forever. This happened to me over and over before the last client release when I was trying to fly Reyze in Atlas. Every crash in battle locked me out from attacking for the next 10 minutes. I didn’t know the exact number until I found out why it was happening.

This is the exact change that went out yesterday.

Screen Shot 2022-02-08 at 10.54.19 AM


Happened to me in same fight as unholy speaks off. I had just finished an attack where the prime was killed before I finished and I got the glitch . Eventually had to move off (lucky I wasn’t countered before)

This is related to lag in some way which has been terrible since the android problem. I have submitted a ticket on the issue with a video link and I have yet to receive a response 3 days later.

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The new lag issue is my highest priority right now. I’m hoping to get a fix out in the near future.


Thank you Matt!

I really appreciate your help.

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But that’s not possible is it? I know when I forget to close app on one device and start on my other one - first device gets error and I have to close app