Finishing cavaleris branch or go for new dragon?

Should continue finishing cavaleris or go for new dragon? I have garnet stone for cavaleris and is level 56


You get the best prizes at the end of a dragon line anyway :woman_shrugging: It might be worth it to finish Cav for that if nothing else.


Ok thx! Gonna see if anyone agrees, so far everyone I asked said to finish cavaleris

Yeah, I would say finish cavaleris as well. You get better prizes and you would not be able to make too much significant progress on another line this late in the season

Want to ask Should I finish Sylphen , but I’ll wait for expert’s opinion after Stream.


Idk,I have him at Emerald this think and don’t like to use him even as replacement of Ember
He is inactive and abandoned
Same as Cava …


Finish Cav he is a decent dragon

Only one week left in the season, and Cav is moderately effective against anything but ice flak. Better a little more Cav than an orange-tier [something else].

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Also I have 35k rubies to buy sigil chests

I have 16k sigils to either finish Cav or do something else. If next season is promising I will finish Cav for gold chests, if not Sylphen looks promising. At this point I don’t care about completing the branch. 16k + the fort event’s sigils is enough for garnet…I think.

Cavaleris kinda sucks (most half price drags do) but it really depends on your level. No sense getting the stones if you can’t use them. Do you have a good defense rider? Lorenzo is great and it will grow with your base.


Gasps!! Excuse me… are u forgetting how awesome coatl was…
“Pets coatl… it’s ok buddy… dont llisten to lx” :grin::yum:

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Lol, I’m trying to finish him, hahaha

Unless you have enough sigils to finish a whole dragon there is no point in starting something new. 1 finished dragon is better than multiple ones that you will out level and that will become useless because you only got some of their stones.

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Lol, too late, done that already

I’m still thinking though, wonder if 80k rubies are enough :roll_eyes:

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Lol, idk, but if it was, I’d buy twice as much!

Level 56 is your level?
To finish Cavaleris from the garnet stone takes almost 12k sigils. On another dragon line that would take you past the platinum stone. You could get another great dragon but you’d outgrow him in a season or two. The opportunity cost of the second dragon is not so much Cav’s emerald through vanguard stones, which will not help you soon, but the chests and other prizes between the stones.

I’d be sorely tempted to go for another dragon, but I’d school myself to wait, count my fort sigils, watch the winter previews this week, and then decide.

If next season looks good you’d rather have Cav’s chests on hand to kick it off in style. If winter looks bogus and you can get a second fall dragon to platinum or beyond, I would get the dragon now for more immediate fun.

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At high level isn’t Cav good for taking down drain island and pumping the follower?

I went to finish cavaleris and I am now 900 sigils away from finishing the whole branch!