Fire and Ice Shards Exchange!

It’s ridiculous how ice shards and fire shards are wasted! Plenty that I have that I would never ever be able to use! Ember on the other hand, can be used to build 4 diffrent kinds of flak! Fire and ice only can be used for a single thing!
I propose you either make shards and ember interchangeable thru an exchange and allow them to work on all (turrets and flak) or use them to forge gear for riders!



That’s a good idea! Kinda like how PG made it where you can exchange diamonds for gold to donate gold in Atlas to the Team Bank

Either that or make ice/fire turret actually usefull again along with all other older towers.


But maybe someday I’ll want to build a dozen of each?

I would love if they did this …I have about a million of each and have taken almost all of them off my base. Huge waste :see_no_evil:

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If you would build more turrets, I for one would appreciate it for token missions.



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