Fire Based Gear For Veteran Rider

Was anyone else planning to try for the Veteran Rider, but don’t have a Fire based dragon to put them on?

It doesn’t seem that Fire is a very common element for Seasonal dragons. Leos and Drakius were discount dragons and both warriors, not exactly the dragons which most skilled spenders would go for. So we are expected to spend 156k sigils this season to have a dragon to put the Veteran Rider on?

I don’t see very many good Lineage dragons with that element either. Maybe Rhyo, but he is a long ways away (I’m in Sapphire breeding) and probably won’t last long by the time I get there.

I am confused why PG wouldn’t make one of the prerequisite dragons Fire based. We have already had a ridiculous amount of Dark based dragons in the past few seasons, did we really need another Dark Hunter?

If anyone else is in the same boat and confused about the decisions made around this Veteran Rider, please say so and maybe we can get something changed.

-Completely and Utterly Confused


What about the second half of harbinger being released around the same timeframe?

things now click into place for you

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It might click into place for people breeding Harbinger’s (only if the fire based one is a viable dragon), but I am breeding Sapphire’s. What would click into place for me is having a dragon available in the same season that you can put this extremely expensive rider on without also having to spend for the Mythic.

Maybe I’m off base with my expectations, but again, did we really need so many Dark based seasonal hunters piled on top of each other? There are other elements too!


Then it doesn’t sound like this rider should be on your priority list.

But it would make sense to have one of the pre-requisite dragons be able to use the rider. Or both, to give the owner the choice. AKA have a fire branch where both dragons and rider were fire. And have an ice branch too. Etc.


Well, it was on my priority list before the element was released, it could be again (if they fix what I view as a mistake). Otherwise I guess I am saving rubies for a future season.

I would really like to see if anyone who has been saving sigils this season and planning to go for it are happy with the element it was given while the only dragon matching it this season is the Mythic. If no one likes it, maybe PG should fix that.

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After airbean gets his final stone this event i’m saving my rubies & chests for next season already. No use for me to keep going for others due to costs. I’m going to take sigil collecting easy and focus more efforts on tokens and timers

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I’m attempting to save my gold chests for next season… rubies tend to stay at about 20k because of egg token grinding :sweat_smile: I’m heavily leaning towards getting Oksana’s armor and not getting a dragon this season. But I need to see the verdict on the new hunter and sorcerer first :blush:


It’s for corthanak


Rhyo is only good for a perch…and that is questionable.

You’re gonna focus even more on tokens? What the hell will that even look like. You’ll be grinding what, 400k tokens a week? :joy:

🤷 I’ve been slacking lately with my 16 hour work days


Show off :roll_eyes:


:joy: I’m only at half that. You’re always my inspiration. :two_hearts:

Hey I’m close! 150k :joy:

What’s a dragon without a hoard?


Dayum, that’s impressive. I wish I had that many egg tokens :pensive:

The new rider not released?

It was made for the Mythic Sorc! That dragon is of fire element probably to persuade people to spend all those Sigils ($) to get both :roll_eyes:

I’m slacking this season. I didn’t even get the egg boost.

:scream: nooooo

That’s what I thought too :joy: the egg token boost was the first thing I got.