Fire crafting shards

I’m sure it’s to do with what gear i’m Crafting but I have soooooo many fire crafting shards, and then I go and open 10 atlas chests and…

Is this normal?

Legendary 21, 22
Epic 3 - 7
Rare 29 - 31

You’re just lucky :upside_down_face:

I’d love to take some off your hands. Freaking fire defensive gear used up most of mine.


Wife has 9m ice shards but elite gear will drop them and 6m earth :smile:

Think I just need to start forging fire gear. I’m sure I’ll blitz them in no time

:rofl: Yeah, they get chewed through fast when you start leveling up elite pieces.

Since the lines all went pick-your-own-flavor, I don’t have any issues with running out of a particular element anymore. Running low on shard in general still happens though…

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