Fire Flak or Dark Flak tower


Hey Guys,

IGN XG7682
Base lvl 71 spread out in 3 island.
Already have lvl 24 dark flak
I have now 19 k elemental ember to build new flak.

Confuse between dark and fire flak?
I am aware about additional advantage with fire flak but want to know feedback about any shortcoming if any it has in comparison to dark flak.

Please advise


Fire flak is just significantly worse. Just keep building your dark flak and save those elemental embers to see what the ice flak (not released yet) will look like.


I’m going to chime in on the opposite view here and say dark flak is worse.

However, I’ll qualify this strongly

  1. if you can only get 1 - get a dark flak
  2. if you get a fire flak- protect it with a storm
  3. if you are serious about wars - fireflak allows you to defend your base against much higher levels
  4. if you arent fighting against disabling dragons (hau and necryx and noctua) dark flak is vastly better
  5. if fighting noctua or hau, fireflak rocks

As a lvl 71, just keep levelling the dark. Be careful 3 islands are a lot for your level, and see what the future holds


Why do you say fire flak is good for defence @Gox1201? Just curious as it’s special only lasts couple seconds. What towers do you surround it with?


3rd Island behind part is filled with all mages in order to kill rage and also give time to defender. Feel free to check my base.

I also inclined towards dark flak to create another flak,storm, turret and both mage colour combination.


I would focus on your current towers and max them at all times. This will be more than enough for you to progress levels at a decent pace whilst making sure your base is vastly overpowered for your level. I would advise against starting another 5 tower combo at least until you absolutely have to.


Now everything limited in 2 islands including rss towers at the start of island1 and flak,storm,ice, mages combination on island 2. Everything remains goes to back of island 1.

Max tower lvl is 25
Min tower lvl is 20

In store lvl 18 fire turret and lot of lvl 15 mages along with couple of canons.
I have 1.5 year speedup timer and scheduled platinum dragon for next breeding event along with 123 k token at the moment.

Island 2 gonna be upgraded as much as possible in next fortification.

Thanks everyone for guidence and explainations.


So i like a config that looks like this

Dark flak blue mage
Red mage
Dps tower (pick any) fire flak

Storm cannon
Red mage
Blue mage dps tower

As a balanced approach against most things

Dps towers depend on what you fight

So my base defends double noctua, necryx noctua / noctua necryx, or noctua mafic

So for me ice turret and or archer is the dps of choice


Well. I dropped the idea for another flak build but looks like I will build another dark or ice flak in future.


I’ve got almost the same layout sans the fire flak obviously. In its place I have an ice turret. Will consider the fire flak… Need to think it thru a bit more. I’ll check out ur base :joy::+1:


Just other query partially related to ot.

Is it possible to activate 2 adjacent storm invincibility shield?
And what is duration of shield invincibility?


No, you can’t.

It is possible to weave ice and storm shields, but ice shield is a bit of a waste of a supershot.

I’d rather trigger something like the fire flak multiple times

its a few seconds at best (shield length)


Your welcome, mine is a bit different atm due to the current war preference I’m facing


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