Fire flak ss mechanic explanation

How dragon damage reduction calculated?
From what amount 50 are subtracted?


  1. In usual situation dragon have 100% damage and fire flak ss reduce it by 50%. With breath attack there is no questions but
    • does it work on both - breath attack and spells which depend on attack stat
    • does it work on hp based dragon spells?

  1. dragon have attack boost spell (active or passive)
    • how will be dragon damage calculated with havok casted after getting hit by fire flak ss?
    • how will be dragon damage calculated with havok casted before getting hit by fire flak ss?(damage with active havoc but after ss hit i mean)

Tried to find info but unsuccessful

I want to say it’s 1/2 of the total attack of the other dragon. Would need morr to confirm this though I suppose

I‘m guessing it reduces the total damage that comes out of your dragons mouth during battle by 50%
So add all the buffs from riders, gear etc. and also spells to the dragon’s damage and at the end cut it in half (for 2.5seconds)

Haven’t read the tool tip for a while but it says on destruction it explodes and deals damage. Does this actually happen?

I’m pretty sure I have destroyed a few in my time and never noticed damage being caused.

Yes it always was here and always works
After destruction towers send white projectile (unlike usual flak invisible projectiles) to dragon.
It can be blocked or escaped like other towers shots but can’t be reversed
Also That projectile have attack radius so it can be even not triggered if dragon kills tower from afar (like in second 5 towers group on long island from island start)
Damages like normal shot or so


Any chances ?:grimacing:

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Checking on this

I always have to watch out for that shot in assault. Don’t want the fire flak to take you down with it xD

For assault-score-mode that damage can be lethal :sweat_smile:

It fires a projectile yes.

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