Fire Flak Tower Balance

Hey folks,

Since the 3.90 tower balance changes we’ve been taking a hard look at some of the towers and the dramatic impact they’re having on the game. One of these towers, which I’d like to discuss here, is the Fire Flak Tower. Currently the fire flak tower has decent basic damage with a high attack speed, good supershot damage, and a powerful death explosion in addition to its default flak property. This combination of stats and abilities, if the damage cap was removed, will heavily imbalance the game and needs to be addressed.

Before we go turning dials and pulling levers we’d like to give players an opportunity to provide what they think the main focus of the fire flak should be. Please understand that this isn’t a poll or a popularity contest. This is a feedback-gathering round before we sit down with our designers and tackle this.

A) General balanced damage / supershot, with the flak property.
B) Lowered normals and weaker death explosion, with powerful supershot damage.
C) Lowered normal and supershot damage, with a powerful death explosion.

Note that we’re not providing exact numbers, just general themes. Please provide your feedback in the comments below! Our team will be discussing feedback later this week.

D none of the above it’s fine how it is


I agree. But if I had to chose, I would say B

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A) Bah. Balanced and no skill or fun.

B) The range is too short as it is. If you want people to have more fun with this, then it needs to be different than the Dark Flak.

C) Oh this would fuck people up so bad, especially those who are a bit skilled with cloak. It’s a win button. I have to say I am not for this.

None of these would make the fire flak interesting.

EDIT: You know what would? A longer range!


The FireFlak, should feel like a sub-machine-gun in my opinion. Low attack damage, super high attack speed, low range. The super shot reflects this as well, as if youre suppressed by a SMG youre not able to return fire very easily. But it’s effect should just flow into the natural rate of fire of the turret, and be the same damage as the base attack. Personally i’ve never noticed the effects of the explosion, so for it to be noticeable it should be a lot higher; or in my opinion changed to supplement the SMG ideal and also slow down a dragon thats flying. In summary, low damage, super high attack speed, low damage super shot but fast execution and either give it a slow component, or seriously buff the post death boom.

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I like the higher death damage, it’s unique. One issue is it doesn’t seem to prevent damage by cloaking though. I’d like the higher death damage but it can’t be impossible to avoid or there’s no strategy

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It’s not fine as it is. If we lift the damage cap it’ll instantly burn through dragons, and if we don’t lift the damage cap the special will eventually instantly burn dragons. The damage curve for the tower needs to be fixed so it isn’t just running into a cap and having a lot of its upgrade potential wasted.

Is it possible for part of the balance for these things to use fire/ice shards because you guys tend to give those out by the truck load…


Option B with increased range.

Option B it is

In this case you need to limit supershot OR normal attack, whichever is higher such that it CANNOT kill any dragon with less than 3 shots at max level and work back from there.

Same … option B


Roll of fire flak tower I’d like to see
Is a debuffing tower, with high damage output, but a twist in the explosion.

Specifically why I like the death explosion is because it brings some thought to the normal “vine/sand everything; then snipe it with gaze” mentality.

I’m a big user of the fire flaks (one of the few players I take it that actually like the tower as is and think its as useful as the dark flak) - I’ve got two of them on my 3-45-6 base.

Anyways, back to the point - make the death explosion deal a percentage of dragon health damage, not a “value” ; in other words make the max tier of the tower always deal say 25% damage, and each level below max say 0.5% less, and make the range a little bit bigger than current (roughly the range of a dark flak normal shot).

Reduce the supershot damage quite a bit, but increase the debuff by 1 second
Keep the normal fire speed and damage in line with something like an archer tower, with slightly higher damage.

One thing about all the answers I’ve seen (my opinion and not something to start a fight)

I don’t desperately want to see the fireflak turn into a dark flak (aka its all about a massive supershot, and the normal shots are nerfed). It would be nice to have more strategy options available in base defense building. A solid 3.5second debuff, for the tradeoff of lower damage from normal shots, seem pretty nice. I’d strongly consider applying the debuff as well when the tower gets killed (like killing a ballista)

Eg. the tower functions for debuff and deathknell.


B is best.

This will now make an ember follow viable for fire flaks. Not a good idea.

Im good with B or C… but option B will make this just another tower imo. Instead of increased supershot damage why not an improved debuff?

Ember following for fire flaks is viable already (can easily dodge the explosion, and can use consumable if there is only 1), if a base is “fully” sanded, its down anyways.

I just meant that the lead won’t be “tanking” the fireflak while the base is running, and the wing would have to think a bit more.

They could make it “deals x damage +% of dragons max health” and then just increase the “x damage” each time the tower levels up

B would do.

Option C for this one with slightly longer range