Fire Flak Tower Balance


That’s why I think that we should implement option C as stated in an earlier post I made :grinning:


C would be my option


Option B.

Option C can be avoided anyway, so no impact on the better flyers.


If I’m not mistaken there already Capped at level 40 are you reimbursing us for the timers ?My defense of power shows I have grown but in reality I have not you Played with the dragons a few months ago to make it look like the towers were getting stronger


Literally everything has the potential to be avoided by a skilled flyer, its balance, everything has a counter…even a 5 spot dense defense layout.


The reason we have this thread is because there will be changes implemented to fix this?


Hey folks. Thanks for all the feedback in these threads! We’re going to close them now and start work on tower balancing.