Fire Flak vs. Dark Flak?

Hello all,

Would like to get some opinions and perspectives on Fire Flak vs. Dark Flak.

Which do you think is better? Why? What are pros and cons.

My team feel strongly about this topic :joy:

This is my current layout. My base is pretty strong for my level. Most players my level cannot fly this base with Vanguard and below dragon.

I’m thinking of moving blue to center of island 1 and adding a Dark Flak where Blue Mage is when I need more tower.

Also, if you are looking for 8/8 and 5/5 team in Plat. We are looking for more players.

By “fire shards,” I believe he/she is talking about “Fire Turret” not Fire Flak. Fire turrets are somehow unwanted by many.

Personally I would build a “Fire Flak” over a Dark Flak.”

Fire flak overall has lower HP, dmg/sec and much lower supershot damage than Dark. On these stats alone Dark flak is more preferable than fire flak. If you were to have 1 high damage tower on your island - DF is better than FF.
However, fire flak is a real good support tower with ss reducing damage. Someone might say not worth it, but in my experience at the higher level it could be a real pain just because towers start to have real high HP and its not easy to kill them .

If your layout allows it keep both, if not - keep fire flak as something you may need later on at higher levels.


I usually pair one with a pylon.

If I can’t, then I’d probably go with a DF.

But your mileage may vary as this is just my preference.

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Fire Flak :white_check_mark:

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Dark Flak has high damage per shot but the lowest rate of fire (0.555 shots per second, ~1.81 seconds per shot) out of the flaks and the lowest range out of all towers (50) but its also the second tankies of all the flaks (and third most tanky tower overall
Fire flak is a bit worse in DPS and HP but shoots slightly faster with 0.65 shots per second or ~1.53 seconds per shot with the “standard” range of 70.
Their supershots are somewhat similar. Dark Flaks SS stuns the dragon for 1.5 seconds and Fire Flaks SS reduces damage dealt by dragons by 50% for 2.5 seconds.

In my opinion those two towers serve different purposes. In my opinion the Fire Flak (along with Earth and Ice Flak) is a utility tower, it is there to help the damage towers survive. Dark and Elektro Flaks are damage towers, they are there to kill the dragon. Fire Flak isnt a great damage tower because its damage is quite a bit lower and Dark Flak isnt a great utility tower because its supershot is a full second shorter and doesnt have an explosion that can kill someone after being sanded

With a Fire and Ice flak and an orrery already on the same island I would say you’re good on the utility side and if you’re just looking to add damage you could actually consider an Elektro Flak. It has about 13% less HP than the dark flak and does about 2% less DPS but it shoots almost twice as often so if someone cloaks one shot it looses way less damage over time than a dark flak. Its supershot just enhances the damage of ice fire and dark flaks on the same island and is therefore not really interesting but that just means you get to use more SS on the towers that are there mostly for their SS like the Ice flak.

There is most likely going to be at least one person who is going to say that Elektro Flaks are trash and I would usually agree with them but if you wanna drop in a tower on the blue mages spot the only real difference between Elektro and dark flak there is that the electro flak is harder to continuously evade through whatever means while the dark flak is a bit harder to kill because it has some more HP


That’s very helpful input. What are your thought on moving the BM or RM to center spot of island 1 ??

I would decide which one to move based on what dragons are attacking you, or better: the colours of their important spells. Both mages are very powerful vs spells of their colour so its not an easy choice generally. I would assume that you’re often attacked by Connivyl at the moment and since this dragon doesnt have blue spells moving the blue mage is probably the better choice but really, look what is hitting you the most and decide based on that


Me!! Can i be that person :raising_hand_woman:t3:
If top bases consistently dont have elektro flak , noone can convince me i need this tower…


As I said, usually I wouldnt suggest an Electro flak. But here I really think a Dark Flak doesnt add much beyond having some more HP. But I think the Electro flak makes up for that by providing a more steady damage output, so the dragon avoiding one shot doesnt loose as much damage.

I am in no way trying to say anyone needs an Electro flak or that is is the best choice or anything like that. I just think it is good for exactly this setup in question.

If it was my base I would probably just replace the fire with a dark flak and put lightnings Charged Volt Towers with a Pylon on the second small island


If you can afford another flak it might be an idea to move the fire flak to the back 5 and build a dark flak in its place.
You will need to start building more towers soon and eventually fill the whole 10 spots then more.
the orrys pulling the drag to the back will get the fire flak ss to fire while some of your front towers are still alive making them more dangerous and harder to kill
Another red and blue mage at the back even level 1 for now will give more benefit than the farms too.

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