Fire Turret Balance

Hey folks,

Since the 3.90 tower balance changes we’ve been taking a hard look at some of the towers and the dramatic impact they’re having on the game. One of these towers, which I’d like to discuss here, is the Fire Turret. Currently the fire turret has high basic damage, low supershot damage, and a debuff. This combination of stats and abilities, if the damage cap was removed, will heavily imbalance the game and needs to be addressed.

Before we go turning dials and pulling levers we’d like to give players an opportunity to provide what they think the main focus of the fire turret should be. Please understand that this isn’t a poll or a popularity contest. This is a feedback-gathering round before we sit down with our designers and tackle this.

A) Balanced normal attacks and supershot with a short debuff duration.
B) Higher supershot damage with a short debuff duration.
C) Lowered normal attack damage with a longer debuff duration.

(there’s also room to discuss the power of the debuff) Note that we’re not providing exact numbers, just general themes. Please provide your feedback in the comments below! Our team will be discussing feedback later this week.

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What do you mean by debuff?

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He means the “dragon absorbs additional damage” debuff.

Ah ha thanks! In this case I vote B. And can I also ask for a faster normal attack sequence?

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Guess I’m not upgrading anything this event


I’m with @grumpybigbird again, I say B

I guess B? I’m not high enough level to experience how it changed after the update, though, but making the tower worse doesn’t seem to make sense. It fires slower than molasses and acts as both a projectile (the “big” shot at least) and elemental too so it can be avoided all together easier than other towers.

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Well you would think you would not go changing towers or dragons after people have spent countless timers and shards and rubies trying to invest in a layout that you turn around and make useless.


I would say B as well

I would like “A” with a shorter warm up cycle before it finally fires.

The fire turret to me feels like the sniper tower of the game, or rather it should have that identity more than anything else. Long range, slow attack, and even the ability to hone in and focus down its target. When the cap was first removed people were shocked at the difference, but personally i don’t feel it was imbalanced, because for the time it takes for the turret to charge a fireball, fire, and then travel with its slow missile speed; you should already have dealt with a blue or red mage in order to be able to defend yourself. One shot shouldn’t be an instant kill, but it should take a big chunk of health away, otherwise the tower doesn’t have an identity and a niche purpose, hence why its been regarded as a useless tower in higher leagues for so long, it doesn’t maintain its identity through the levels because of the damage cap. The super shot shouldn’t do much in the way of damage, but it should last a decent length of time, and provide a decent debuff, as you’re giving up a supershot that could be spent on something like invulnerability, or rage drain, or a stun; on the same not within the context of its identity, you’re also surrendering a considerable amount of time required to successfully launch a fireball. All you did by removing the cap, was make the tower viable again for higher levels, not overpowered, because if we look at the dragons, hunter:fast and shouldn’t take much damage so should be able to dodge, Sorcerer:(suppose to be) cleaner dragons to quickly clean the field of remaining towers, and hunter: Beefy meatsacks that (ideally) and take a hit, and heal it back while soaking up the brunt of the damage, while debilitating the base. In summary “make FireTurrets great again”


I don’t really get it. A and C refer to both normal and supershot attacks, while B only about the supershot attack. Should I take for granted that B keeps the actual normal attack and only enhances the supershot ?
As far as I know, the problem is that the normal attack on Fire towers didn’t go up as they should, right ? Being stuck at level 41 or something. With the last update out, the normal attack scaled up as they should have been and proved to be too powerful for the actual dragons.
So, if you go for A or B solution, there should be some attack/resist change at dragon’s level. I don’t know which is simpler to do, but I think that modifications at the dragon’s level are more complex.
If you go C, you should take into consideration not to nerf it too much so that it becomes useless.
This is how I see it.

A or B is good for me. C will be like nerfing for another useless tower (at least its good now)

B. Since fire turrets were introduced, their purpose was always a slower, super damage attack. So the goal was to place them in a way where people were distracted hitting other towers, then they think “oh crap” as they see the fireball launching at them. Nobody really placed them for the debuff. I had a nickname for mine when they first came out because of all the dragons it would slaughter.

Changing them to A or C would essentially completely alter their original purpose.

That being said, hopefully they have some real firepower. After around fire turret level 38 or so, they became the new ballista and were essentially useless against top tier dragons. Now we all know that the higher towers we spent years of speedups upgrading were capped, but still said they were powerful. Hopefully PG fixes this in a way that makes them legit again and not have us feeling ripped off that we spent tons of money on a turret that only increased health. Frankly, if they just removed the cap and put them at the advertised power it wouldn’t bother me at all.


A) Boring.

B) Eh.

C) This BUT the wind up speak is significantly faster.


keep it as is but increase its range

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I am okay with the longer time it takes to charge, and release a high damage fireball (thats make it more balance in a way), but i would like to see if you can increase the projectile speed of the fireball, probably the same as mage projectile speed, so it will give challenge for the attacker to be more alert :sunglasses: (of course i would like to see shorter charging time too, but we are talking about balancing here)

If you weaken the fireball it’ll be the most pathetic excuse for a tower I’ve ever seen. Ballista will have competition.
It already fires so slow and it’s beyond easy to evade. If you also weaken it… please don’t weaken the normal attack.


You make it sound like there is something wrong with ballistas? With all the poison strikers going around I was sure they had to be good!