Fire Turret Balance


Make sure you work on that top line for all those OP ballista/poison resists. Yw in advance.


Option C with slightly faster bubbleshot travel speed like mage towers.


I think that since alternatives are being discussed I’d put in a vote for the following:

  • Increased regular attack
  • decreased supershot buff %
  • increased supershot duration
  • significantly longer range

I think this would give two options for people to use them, one in combination with a dark flak up front (less debuff since dark flaks are so powerful already, but longer to allow more towers to affect it would help make combos more strategic and varied).
Alternately it could be used at the rear of an island as a super long shot tower that would fire before a dragon ever came into it’s range, making the dragon have to mitigate or soak the damage and deal with it.

Anyways, that is what I’d offer up for discussion since things seem to be on the table


Completely agree with longer range with impressive damage. This will make this tower more meaningful.


B yet again


What about normal shot? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think normal shot is fine IF they fixed the cap issue after level 40. That’s why I voted for B as supershot will become a viable option particularly as fire turret resist doesn’t block supershot.


A- I think fire turrents are fine the way they are no one really uses them to much 2-3 a base maybe why change it at this point they are a lot like the regular towers which are all out of date and under used.


I guess B please. It kind of sucks not knowing how these towers will now change with a build event starting to tomorrow. Now im nervous on what to build.


C would add more variety, as it rarely gets used now.

B ends up just turning it into another “supershot does more damage” - less creative. A turns it useless, especially if the fire rate won’t change.


A bit higher damage then before 3.90 will completely be fine. Make it deal higher damage per timeframe than archer or ice turrets for having a longer wind up time as a disadvantage. Make damage lower than dark flak for having a longer range.

I really don’t get what lower super shot damage means? Doesn’t it deal as same damage as normal shots?


B - if I had to chose


I actually liked the change in the last patch or two on fire turrets. It kind of felt like it did when I was a lower level - that its a slow shot, and easy to work around, but if it lands you are in trouble.

It basically adds strategy.

For those that always confuse it
Normal shot = slow fireball
Supershot = Stream of fire, that makes target take additional damage

Its still avoidable (hunter: dodge, warrior shield/heal/resist; sorceror shield/reflect) but takes some consideration, where as pre 3.8 it could safely be ignored and used to build rage.

So I’d go for

Fire turret - High normal damage, with current fire cadance
- Supershot damage lower, but with longer duration of the debuff


None of the above actually… but B if I had to choose…

BUT this would be good:


By the fact that PG tended not to ear at players base’s complainings, as it’s right, these three treads about “what would you players do if in our place?” makes me very worried about their ability to rule the game further. I wonder, is it just a trick to take time or are they out of solvings?
There are new drags and ability to come after obsidian tier, so how could we know what would be the most balancing choice now?


Me too, it’s good for fire turret to be back. But can we have a no glitch fire turret? Eg lockdown or vined fire turrets still shoots and occasionally hits you when you’re cloaking :see_no_evil:


That glitch is not limited to fire turret! i think the glitch is due to Cloak because cannon and archer shots, trebuchet shots have hit my dragon when i cloak before the projectile reaches dragon.


Option B on this one. Many good suggestions here :blush:


I’d choose B as well but I like Mech’s suggestion.


All of these options make wish I had built less of them. B is the least objectionable.