Fire Turret Balance


I vote B assuming that means the regular attack would not be scaled quite as high as it “should” be and the supershot damage would be scaled higher than it “should” be and the debuff would be shorter than it “should” be. With “should” being the track that it is currently on had it been scaled properly in the first place.


I vote B. It keeps the meaning of fire turrets. Question on ice turrets. Why does my borgian receive significant damage with ice turret even though it has ice turret resist?


Depending on what level you are, it could be because ice turrets are one of the only towers that kept on leveling in power after a level 35… so comparatively they are much much stronger than fire towers and the flaks and that may be coming through even with the resist.


I‘m with @Gox1201 @xxMarduKxx and @ToNyRen on this one. Currently the Fire Turret is fine the way it is.

Maybe the normal shot could be even stronger for the slow charge or the range could be slightly greater, but a slow and strong attack was the basic idea of the tower so why change it?

If anything I‘d have to vote for B, but I really don‘t see much reason flr a change now that the damage is fine again.


Is C “lower attack damage” as in lower then it was before the “fix”? Or lower as in lower then was advertised previously but higher then before the “fix”?
In anycase, the debuff is why i built the damn things so i wouldnt like a lowered debuff.


You guys are balancing the game good but you have yet to release the upgrade for the forge for at least a year why


I’m a little confused by all the proposed tower changes tbh. The comparatives are unclear and there is no sense of materiality to the proposed changes (longer/shorter/balanced).

The fire turret always made sense to me–slow moving projectile that packed a wallop. As we now know, it became utterly useless at high levels due to a database error. So I’d favor keeping it pretty much as is with an appropriate normal attack adjustment so it functions properly.


From what i read i can tell that with the speed this turret have, it just normal it does more damage, and inside the cases we see now , its looks like the option B is some what could be more in our favor.

Increased supershot damage and the debuff just during the attack , and maybe a little moments after.
In fight situation things are going really fast sometimes where this could help against attacking people aswell.

To reduce the power of that turret would be sad for its function, and nearly useless, as the time it once dealed low damage , and was sorted out by many people.
The only question is … what means balanced attack and super attack…
Does it mean the normal attack and superattack are being equal, so that in point B the normal attack would be decreaed? ( What isnt told in headpost)… In that case again… i am against reducing the normal attack. Its a turret at least.



Normal attack is still gonna be slow and will never get off in time, my Fire Turret is there just for debuff anyways. Just nerf the normal damage (who cares) and buff the debuff rofl!! Pew pew again :slight_smile:


Go with Option A


IMO, I would like to see the fire turret be an alternative to the Flak cannon, so every base doesn’t rely entirely on the Dark Flak cannon as the main damage dealer.

Right now you basically have 5 Must have core towers…
Storm - Protective Shield
Red Mage - Protection against abilities
Blue Mage - anti-shield for dragons
Ice Turret - Combination Moderate Damage and Shielding to make things more difficult for hunters given their limited shot capacity.
Flak Cannon - Core Damage Dealer.

The problem is that there are really no alternatives to this setup. These are MUST have towers. Instead of having very specific towers that are identical for pretty much every base, lets get some competitive alternatives. I see the Fire Turret as being the alternative for the Flak Cannon. However, my recommendation is that while it should be competitive with the Flak Cannon it should also offer some differences.

Flak Cannon - Major Damage dealer on Charged attacks, very short range, but makes up for that with a Stun.
Fire Turret - Currently has no place on any base period.

What I would like to see, is the opposite of the flak cannon. I would like to see the Fire Turret offer, very good base damage on its uncharged stream (though obviously less than a charged flak cannon). But have its debuff applied only during the charged shot, which should only be mildly higher DPS than the base stream, but with a long duration debuff applied, so there is a trade off, not so much in DPS for charging, but in the debuff being offered. It should still give you a mild boost, to damage, but nothing nearly as significant as seen between the uncharged vs charged flak shots.

So lets call the uncharged Flak at 100% damage, The charged shot is what… 200% damage, and then you have a very short duration stun.

So lets put the Fire Turret at something more akin to 150% base damage, with maybe a 160% charged shot damage, but a much longer term debuff (say maybe, 4-5 seconds). This gives you a trade off on the massive charge time for the debuff, and the ability to reflect, or otherwise avoid the projectile, with a longer term debuff. These damage values should be based on DPS (damage per second), not damage per shot, in order to more properly balance them.

So the fire turret would have a higher unboosted base damage, but a lower charged shot, but with a longer term debuff. Making it a reasonable alternative to the flak for overall damage giving you a trade off of charges spent, vs overall damage output. Now there is potentially a reason to actually use the fire turret in at least some locations for your major damage dealing tower.


B would be my choice.


When we say things like “lower” or “higher” it just means relative to the other stats on the tower. It doesn’t necessarily mean “lower damage than it does now” just “lower damage than other options might have”.


I say b I think that’s worthy for this tower


Are you saying Fire turrets flamethrower does not increase all damage dealt to the dragon for the duration of the time that dragon is burnt? Because otherwise fire turret is right up there with ice and both flaks…if u wanna get down to it then i see use in trebs, archers, Lts and even cannons although i dont have any i could definitely find a use for them. Cannons are exceptional for breaking invinc shield on mid island after the first blue is taken out.


I’d like to see C on this with an increase in the fireball speed, like mages as suggested by others.


i vote B in this fire turret imbalance issue


Before, everybody talked about how useless is a Fire turret. Many using it as a rage / health recovering tower. Now, I see in your message that Fire became good and Ice is useless. Which is which then ?
I think Ice turrets are great and have their purpose especially in higher base levels. I also think Fire turrets should have been at least equal to Ice. They weren’t due to the unwanted/untold cap. I still think PG should just make them as they projected and better work on dragons power. Or else it is gonna be a mess.


i go with B aswell


Oh i was thinking fire flak…i was under the impression fire turret issue was resolved