Fire Turret Balance


This thread is only for the fire turret (see title).
The two Flaks have their own threads :wink:


Fire turrets are meant to be on peoples bases for the normal attack NOT the supershot


Oh? I must have missed this memo when it went out.


Thank you, you must be aiming for Best Moderator of 2018…keep up the good work!


You‘re very welcome! Glad to have your vote, have a nice day :slight_smile:


1.) Does Fire Turrets special attack(Spitfire) increase all damage dealt to a dragon while it is on fire or burnt? If yes, then what % and WHY are so many acting like its useless. If no, wtf…

2.) Fire Turret still has a good primary attack so i am not sure why people are acting like it is horrible. Yes it is delayed but id rather it take an extra second or two and deliver a greater punch because what other tower does this and id rather it be underestimated before that charged up fireball lands.

3.) I voted for Pedro @MareZ


Fire turret used to be pretty bad at high levels pre3.90. They were easy to dodge and not much damage compared to dark flaks and ice turrets (meaning relative to its long wind up time). After 3.9 this was fixed quite a lot. Almost broken I would say. I would like it better somewhere in between.


Oh ok mine is only lvl 41, seems to me this thread is a bit pointless and should just find middle ground and try it to see what happena…seems like thats how everything else gets started lol


Hey folks. Thanks for all the feedback in these threads! We’re going to close them now and start work on tower balancing.