Fire Turret Bug

Recently I watch one of the video on my base being attack and noticed that the attacker only shoot on the dark flak before the dragon died but my fire turret HP drops by 80% ???
very weird…

Very descriptive.


A video of what happened and a deeper explanation will help a lot in your problem.

Does that mean you one shoted a flak and two shoted a turret? If so it is because the turret was a higher level than the flak

I could be mistaken but I read this as ONLY the dark flak was fired upon yet his Fire turrets health was dropped by 80%

In some spots it is possible to hit 2 towers at once.


There’s also glitchy dragons that allow u to hit after death :joy: I’ve done it

in this case my fire turret at the opposite behind the dark flak and i can see the kirin is only shooting on the DF and Blue mage in front not Fire turret at the behind.
once the kirin die my fire turret health drops by 80% !

If that’s a replay there is no conclusive evidence of a bug, because replays are known to have dozens of glitches happening and they are not the actual attack but a similar ‘replay’ generated by the game. It’s quite usual, nothing to worry about.

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