Fire Turret Enhanced


After the update, Fire Turret damage seems to be increased by multiple times. Is it intended?

Damage shown in the video, expert boosted Noctua with 22M+ health versus a lvl 58 fire Turret. Please clarify for us!

Also Dark Flak and Fire Flak seem to have higher damage too.

Lvl 58 Fire Turret normal shot vs Expert Noctua

Changes to Tower Attack
Changes to Tower Attack

Couple of other threads discussing this already but this is the main one:


Thanks for the reminder. I tested damage with Dark Flak Fire and Fire Flaks too. But Fire Turret has the most significant buff, I think it may be well over 200-300%, which looks like an absurd buff after this update. Hopefully we get a clarification soon, it’ll definitely change things


wow incredible great fire turret shot !


That’s how fire turret should be but not sure about increase damage of flak towers as they are already buffed.