Fire Turret Runes/Glyphs

Hello. To be fast, do all the runes boosts that increase Fire Turret’s attack speed work or not?
Thank you all @Crisis

Runes are:
-Fire Turret Frenzy (2nd boost SS damage)
-Fire Turret Atk (2nd boost speed atk)
-Fire Turret HP ( 2nd boost speed atk)
-Fire Turret Striker ( 2nd boost speed atk)

What makes you think they might not?

edit: Also, how is this “guides and resources”?

there are some pretty useless rune specs…

increasing speed of a beam-attack? Not sure if that is really helpful?!

There is also a rune which increases mage supershot damage… so you see?
not sure what to reply to you @xRomanoX

Fire Turret’s attack isn’t beam (the SS is)


Somewhere on Forum i readed that Frenzy and Striker runes don’t works…

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Imo Fire Turret attack rune buff is one of the best because rune only enhances primary with fire turret having one of the highest albeit rather slower it builds

I prefer frenzy and hp tho for flaks

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