Fire turret sync

So i have a fire turret level 21 in storage, and whenever i go to place it outside of storage it is glitched to where it has me finalize it like an upgrade, i believe there was an issue between rebuilding after being hit and it upgrading that caused that, but when i go to place it my game comes up with a sync error and then reloads and i can never place my fire turret down. Also, the entire help page can not connect for me so i cant submit a ticket and it has been down the past few days, any ideas?

You could eventually try to empty your cache, sometimes those errors comes from a cache storage full. My 2 cents.

Do you possibly have the maximum amount of fire turrets you can build? Not sure if that’s your issue, but whenever I got a building-related sync error, it was because I was trying to build a sixth blue mage while I already had some in storage. :t_rex:

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Thanks for the input but neither seemed to help, it is my only flame turret and i have cleared my cache a couple times not but i really appreciate the help

Try submitting a ticket here instead of in-game? :t_rex:

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