Fire turret upgrade costs

Hi guys I’m upgrading a fire turret from level 82 to 83 and it’s saying that’s costing 10200 fire shards does that sound right ??
Same with ice turrets

That’s correct, the number of shards required for ice/fire turrets is a lot.

Usually best to merge/transform them to a better tower.

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check for more details

29k shards to upgrade a turret from lvl 140 to 142…

If you are thinking to have one of those turrets maxed… I suggest you to follow Flumpie’s advice and Merge/transform them to a better tower.


Flaks getting exxy as well. Ill be building wood towers at this rate :smiley:


Totally agree…
I guess we have to hope for a shiny new currency lmao

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Yep turrets get crazy expensive, especially past level 100. But electrum and ember costs are also growing exponentially, it’s definitely something that needs to be looked at before it becomes unsustainable.


here is the total cost of flaks,orery,turrets, crystal howit its insane amount for people who want to build from scratch


Good guys PG, tries to dissuade us from building crappy towers by making them hella expensive and unrealistic to maintain… now make the eyeball cost like 200 cosmics per level so people know not to waste rss on those either


Thank you
I think I will be taking everybody’s advice and swapping I have 3 and there just not sustainable
Thank you everybody