Fire Turret viability

Are fire turrets still worth upgrading? I’m still building mine because it gives fat event points, but I’m not sure if mine actually does anything…

Right now, not really.
I upgraded them only because I don’t have enough embers and want to maintain compact base (least favorable upgrade)

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Unless you have a lot of elemental embers I wouldn’t say it’s irrelevant. But I’m not at or near end game either. I have 5 offensive towers on my Long Island 3 flaks, an ice turret and a fire flak. With my highest tower at level 52 (2 flaks) the fire turret does enough damage to finish off obsidian drags and some harbingers if they get past my flaks… another way to use a fire flak is for drags like surt, is to super shot them early so they take increased damage, as his survivability is still good. I have a weak second fire turret to do that on the island in front of my kill(not for surt but for other drags)

Like orca I don’t really upgrade it unless I need to

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Hopsy, it depends on your level entirely.

I was (even more) confused a year ago, so I built two, and kept one. Surprisingly attackers around my level (170ish) tend to underestimate the poor thing, and they fall. I keep upgrading it not just for the points, also because the flak cannon next to it is den capped. :blush:


Build event only towers that use ice and fireshards

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Fire turret + fire flak is a lethal combo. Does pretty well backing dark flaks too :slight_smile:


I’m level 78 :tada:

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Be weary of axi and others with elemental resist no damage is taken

Yeah because having a flak instead of a fire turret clearly solves that problem. Or were you suggesting building a ballista?


  1. Axi doesn’t have elemental resist
  2. If I’m not wrong the 100% increased damage of the fire turret ss actually cancels out the effect of elemental resist

I did an ice turret sadly. Still don’t know why


they are about as usefull as a ballista, slightly better, but not by much in the greater scheme of things :stuck_out_tongue:

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They are uselsss! Put it Away :+1:

A cannon or archer would be a better choice then a fire turret if your looking for something that doesn’t take embers.
Ice turret much better! It atleast has a useful secondary ability.
A fire turrets secondary ability has to hit you & dAmage you first & they don’t hit much lol…Adding a 3rd mage would serve more purpose then a fire turret.

I’ve a similar configuration :relaxed::+1:t2:

I’ve my kil island with caped :

And if the dragon get through I’ve halfway capped towers and a caped fire turret:
IF FT (caped)

When/if elemental embers shortage get dressed I would max those flaks and maybe change my Ice Turret into a Earth Flak and Fire Turret into a Fire flak.

Meanwhile, my turrets does the job to finish some dragons.

Elemental bubble absorb FF.

Also, with 3 rage, Axi is unstoppable by FF, assuming that he can kill it.

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High level fire turret is useful if you put behind the farms and mills. Usually people will be desperate to kill farms and mills at the front. Thats when fire turret supershot comes in handy. Multiple ss surely will kill the lead drag, provided it doesnt have elemental resist…

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That’s why I have death stare spell on axi

I assume you mean the regular shot? The supershot from a fire turret is the thin stream of flame. The regular shot is the giant flaming ball of death.

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lol i just know that. i thought the giant ball is the ss :joy::joy::joy: thanks for correcting me

I also feel like the giant flaming ball of death feels more like a super shot ability :laughing: