Fire Turret viability

I would like to point out it might in theory be a 50% dmg bonus but in practice I believe thats pg math.

I’ll try test it but I seriously doubt it - its more likely doing nothing, or having some base calculation sorta like gear+boosts etc might be +150% and then fire turret makes it +200, but even that is doubtful.

Its also hoping that you manage to land a shot from another tower while dragon is debuffed. Generally the flaks will hit first, and the debuff will likely expire before they hit again. I’ll try test it though

Can you please test 2 scenario?

First, Dark Flak,

Second, Dark Flak + Fire Turret (side by side)
Since FT’s special is longer, it should hit faster.

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The food fight tower is in the works … those engineers are always working on new towers.


I could actually recommend both Fire Turret and Ice turret in A way that is beneficial but there is still the fact that flaks are better up to ur ember collection like many mentioned already.

Fire Turrets primary attack is stronger than you think and Fire Turret attack glyphs are IMO the best tower attack buffing rune/ glyph… Frenzy is my top choice buffer for flaks right up there with hp.

Ice turrets simply to deliver rapid dmg and add hp onto surrounding towers which is for hunter ammo more than spells so the special helps more if dragon is drained

The fire turret only does 13% increased damage.

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Hrm, I’m very off :joy:

Though; it still remains an excellent choice if you don’t have enough embers for a second flak :slight_smile: Every little bit helps!

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@luffy update your stuff


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Correct when applied through runes but with gear both primary and special attacks increase

:exploding_head: why, that explains my lightning’s. Wo, thanks for info.

FTFY :joy:


I have much less time lately. Use your mod powers and update :smirk:
You have my updated sheet I believe

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This is the only sheet I have haha

OK OK I am exhausted but here we go, please don’t mind typos or anything else… going to bed already :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:


Do either of Ice Turrets special abilities stack?

Nope, merely reset the duration


Thank you

But the Ice’s Shield stack?

Thank you, that is wonderful :blush::blush: