Fire Turret viability

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wrong math

nice , +50% is a lot :slight_smile:

I have a single level 75 fire turret with max runes just for fire turret, with all the runes I get:

+66% SS damage
+12.6% attack speed
+3% HP
+3% attack

Then I have 2 mills and blue and red mage and level 75 perch. People are so concerned about the killing the mills they forget about the fire turret and perch. When L80 comes out and Empyrean UVS is on that island with over 200m attack people will be very confused and that’s what I’m aiming for. I try to keep things a little unconventional.

And on top of that I have +110% attack and +104% hp boost from the perch, and +10% hp for mythic warrior.

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Can you check these numbers, want to see if SS buffs issue is happening to your FT. Buff not applying correctly.

Here is the thing. In theory the fire turret does damage. In theory. The issue is that the fire turret does one big burst. A burst that can be dodged, shielded, frozen, reversed, inverted etc. A fire flak fires instantly. A fireflak reduces enemy dps. A fire flak fires faster. I don’t think I’ve flown a base that got two fire turret shots off in years. A fire flak regularly gets 4-5.

A fire turret can be ignored for ages. A fire flak cannot. Having the pressure of two sources of damage cannot be understated

I really like the idea of a fire turret but there are just better options for kill islands. The best you can really hope for it is to cheese someone

That and I honestly question any numbers that say the dps of a fire flak is lower than a fire turret. Per shot sure but dps? Honestly I think 4-5 fire flak shots land before one fire turret and I doubt that matches the flak

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How could I check the #s?

Use dragon manager to see base special attack #
Add up your SS buffs % total
Base # times (1 plus (% total divided by 100))
Compare that to what the info screen of the tower has

This works with normal attack too, but I haven’t seen issue with normal, where I have seen issues with SS.

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Edit: I own 1 fire turret
One that is maxed for the base is good to have at my level. Never make two untilonly if your base needs an asthetic look to it. It is not yet maxed for my level yet.
I am lvl 80 and I am seeing the potential for one. Mine is lvl 20 with lots of gear on my monument to back it up. It is fun. ITge meta allows my fire turret to be viable up until around level 150 -200. Flak Towers are the next generation after That. Then they are nice to have. But only one that is maxed out. Fire Shards drop rate is balanced imo. :+1:t2:

oh thanks :slight_smile:

9,171,360 is what dragon manager says should be what special attack is.

info screen shows 19.2m damage for special attack.

base #? my base level is 389.

That’s 109% SS increase… where’s the extra 43% over your 66% you said coming from?

my perch has +110.4% attack and +107% hp, i just checked.

Attack shouldn’t effect SS as far as I know… they really need to get SS buffs fixed, you’re over and I’m near 0, or at it actually. Thanks for info.

hmm interesting

No, no they don’t, not if you remember the fire turret increases damage taken by 50%, that will include it’s own super shot damage.

+50% to incoming damage is an extremely good debuff. 2.5x Pathox’s passive, but on a tower.


  • damage from the tower itself kinda sucks
  • normal shot will basically never land
  • not worth a slot on a small island
  • supershots are limited, and do you want to spend one on a tower whose only real function is as support?

I think it’s an underrated tower, i.e. the rating is “useless” when it should probably be “situational.” Works pretty decently as the 6th-7th position on a mid long, due to the long range. (So, the front of island 4.) Might not be worth the opportunity cost; it feels like it’d be pretty nutty to prefer a fire turret to an ice flak or earth flak. Only really recommended if your base is usually double/triple defended, i.e. good team or two alts.


About Fire Turret, need someone to test it.


I mean not FT’s SS damage, but damage of other tower shooting while the SS is in effect

Hard to test damage to dragons as no numbers to that. Would be great as we could test frenzy buffs and such as well.

Is it possible to remove other towers and fly the same dragon against the same tower where the tower is located in a rune buffed island, and use a timer to see when an attacking dragon dies as a measure of its damage output?

The regular attack is completely absorbed by elemental barrier/bubble, oddly enough. It’s rather annoying due to the incongruity.