"Fireball Damage" Rune/Glyphs?


I noticed I have some runes/glyphs that say they increase “Fireball Damage” by x%.

Is this pertaining to the Red “Fireball” spell that some sorcerers have? Or is it the Hunter’s Fireball (Tap Attack)?

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It refers to the spell Fireball not the fireball attack of hunters, sadly.


Yes, unluckily the spell :raised_hands:


I remember when people would put it on random hunters and be like “OmG mY hUntEr iS sO mUcH mOrE pOwErFuL nOw!!”


I always loved how people would keep arguing that it worked on their hunters :rofl:


Best cringe moment :rofl: when it’s not Hunter attack or any other dragon attack minus all the other bad dragons and Invokers

Something I hadn’t thought about before…if you carry fireball, does the rune work? Or does it have to be natural to the dragon?
Just never thought to ask the question before. :woman_shrugging:

If you add the consumable spell then yes it will work on that consumable. Not that that would be worth a rune slot

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Actually not even sure about that, the consumable fireball spell has the same name, but a different spell ID in the data files (with different parameters as well). I would not be surprised if the rune doesn’t work on the consumable at all.

I am unsure about that but I am almost certain that it works for Steal Essence acquired fireball.

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