Fireball Spell (and stuff)


This isn’t very important since the only dragon I have with fireball (haven’t seen many with fireball that people use frequently) but does anyone know what causes it to sometimes do 0 damage? I don’t mean anything storm tower related or defense related I mean literally casting it and nothin after the boom. I can’t tell if it’s timing or certain spots on certain islands and can’t figure it out with testing it. I know about the bug where you can cast a spell (freeze, though earthquake works fine) and it goes through the earth and into the water behind it (end of middle long island) but just curious. Is this related to how sometimes trees or whatever seem to block damage at certain spots? I just don’t want this to screw me somehow. I admit I’ve had fights where I fire a bunch of shots from a hunter at something at the very beginning of the fight and there’s a tree in the way that keeps it from doing any damage and I’m immediately in a rough position lol

Edit - Sometimes happens with Southern Cross too and deals no damage, though since that’s a new spell for me I might be using it wrong (i.e. Southern Cross “light” does not do damage to dark flak and others? Not sure since the descriptions are all so brief for spells)


It causes 0 damage by casting it too early on the turns, which is easier to do on short islands. Wait until you practically face the island before tapping the island.


First off thanks for the in-game help you provided me, sadly my messages are deleted now haha

Regarding this, I find it happens most frequently with literally the first island on a fully un-fogged base, having trouble getting the science of it down to a T. It doesn’t always happen, and it just seems like it has more to do with literally where my finger is tapping (no proof for this just can’t figure out a timing solution). It certainly doesn’t always happen, but when it does my first thought is usually “wtf?” rather than “oops I shouldn’t have casted so fast” if that makes sense. I’d rather it be my fault, honestly, so I can just learn to avoid it lol.


It, and other AoE spells, seem to get stuck on random bumps on the land or possibly trees. You pretty much have to get used to areas not to tap once you see it happen :confused:



Thanks! That’s what it seems like to me as well. I’ve also hit “spots” where hunters seem to get shielded by a tree. It’s probably avoidable with practice, but still annoying. Especially in real fights where it throws the whole thing off. I appreciate the feedback, maybe it can get fixed.


I’ve also had issues with death gaze not destroying a tower because of random changes in the island’s elevation. It usually happens when I’m flying Ember through Freexp280 and trying to hit the leading farm for a “do damage with ember” egg mission.


Trees cause death gaze to hit them instead of the farm on freexp280. You need to fire just once on the farm before using gaze to make sure it works.


Yeah, I’ve figured that out already lol. Especially after having to use death gaze on that one farm multiple times over multiple runs. Sometimes I forget though :sweat_smile:


I remove the trees in the menu option. It really helps with certain bases like MalsExpExp at the start since you typically have to wait to hit the starting left tower until you “clear the tree”.

Trees suck, they are there for a visual but block spells and shots which can definitely suck.


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll have to give it a try.


Awesome thanks man didn’t even think to turn them off. For some reason I thought trees were lumped in with boats regarding that setting. Thanks!


The stray trees that remain, even with “Show Trees in Battle Mode” off, can still obstruct as well :x.

@PGEggToken This is similar to the Southern Cross thread (spell-related bugs, at least) that was recently replied to.


I am finding this out the hard way lol


you can turn off the tree graphics in settings. might be a less hassle fix :woman_shrugging:


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