First attack "loses internet connection" at end of runs

@PGTimber I am having repeated issues where the second attacker finishes a run and the first attacker’s game indicates everything up to the last shot. At that point, an error message pops up that says that the device “lost internet connection with the attacker”. This was a common problem over a year ago but seemed to have been fixed. It does not happen in the base game or in Atlas and I have not seen it in any of the other PvP events, just this one. It occurs frequently. I submitted a ticket on this, but the response I received made it very obvious that the Customer Support person failed to even read what I had written. Is there anything that you can do to help resolve this problem before Crystal Caves comes around again?


Providing the ticket number will probably help so he can take a look at it :grin:


Unrelated, but…

Is support really as bad as people make it seem? I’ve filed 4 tickets in my time in WD. In all 4, they replied within 6 hours with a personalized response and were able to give me a definite answer to my inquiry or provide what I needed.


I’ve generally had good results. There has been the occasional case where the support agent doesn’t understand what I am asking, but overall I’d say I have a better than 90% success rate.


I received a reply within a short time, but the wording made it pretty evident that my message had not be read. It appeared to be a pre-prepared response that asked a number of questions that were all answered in my original ticket. When I simply asked if they had bothered to read what I had written since the answers were all provided in the ticket, I got another pre-written reply with the standard suggestions of clear your cache, restart the game, etc. Only when I explained (yet again) that I had this issue last year in the base game and that none of those actions helped did they finally say that they had checked with the “specialist team” and that this was known to be an issue that was being investigated. So why couldn’t that have been done first rather than wasting both of our times with stock emails that failed to address the problem? Unfortunately, that has been my experience time and time again. Failure to read the ticket followed by sending pre-written emails that are off topic and try to place the blame on my device, WiFi, ISP, etc. rather than admit that there is a glitch in the app.

I have a second ticket that I submitted about a continuing issue with missing banners for invites to join attacks or to defend teammates. This only occurs to me during PvP events. I have been regularly reporting it for a long time and nothing ever gets done. This is costing teammates points since it often occurs during their Wildfire or Mega runs and they were counting on my support. Normally I get a reply that it is being sent to the development team. This time they didn’t even bother to provide a response other than the automated message that it had been received. They simply closed the conversation without even telling me that they were going to do so.


me too ,i have this problem when i join a run too
its annoying in pvp and atlas
but doesnt always happen to me

For what it’s worth, same issue here. Weirdly enough, though I still get the run’s event points, my dragon don’t get xp and forego healing time as if they had never been used (which i did,no matter that I swaped out quick)

Try going to Accessability / Motion / Reduce Motion solves 75% game play glitches

I think the problem with this kind of request is they don’t understand the problem themselves. I’ve explained this issue in detail in the past, with screenshots, and it is frustrating because the support generally don’t/won’t understand complex issues without forwarding on to the development team.

But they do pretty good when it comes to simple requests. I recently had a sync issue while opening chests, and they were easily able to verify the Atlas diamonds were lost while chest resources not credited. They restored the diamonds quickly.

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