First event of 2020 is TG. What is your WD New Year Resolution?

Team Gauntlet this week. Anyone making a WD resolution?


The first event of the new year will be Team Gauntlet! Not the most exciting event, but at least you have this cool poster for #MoviePosterMonday because what good is an adventure without any dragons... @WarDragonsGame

— Paladin Patrick (@pqhiggins) December 30, 2019

Even comes up with great posters during the holidays!

One of my favourite posters by far.

I’m on vacation and don’t care for the event further than team minimum, there are better things to do :star_struck:
Gauntlet means I’d throw megas anyway to save time. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Lol very true about the pvp…

My WD resolution is to finally stop blowing my rubies on dumb stuff, and save em for a few seasons or at least till sigil chests…for once :sweat_smile:


Not to make any Resolutions…Due to changes by PG qualifications…Lost in the Land of Ticketville…

My intention will be to cure my fat hungover the next 2 days, leave my dragons allone :grin::beers:

Same thing it is every year. To log off and never log back on… but it’s harder than it sounds.


To not play WDs anymore…


I feel for ya :cry:


My new year’s resolutions is to quit the game for good this time.


Get better at flying hunters.


I normally don’t do resolutions but if I did one … it would be to maintain my special relationship with a certain +400 player who comes and visits my puny base every so often. :grin:

I’ll squish his base in return and send him love letters. It’s been going on for months. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Me too. I would call myself “decent” with most hunters. I’m pretty good with Kullecid.

Any chance of a raid button for this event?

A large part of the event is grinding the PVE islands to unlock the multiplier and for points. They’re long boring bases with a low chest drop rate for many. It’s kind of deadly. It has also been a year or more since we got a cruise control dragon to help with this drudgery. (Ok, Chelo, but does he work? Do people have him?)


Lol same resolution

Stop wasting my money on this game

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I will play less and NOT spend money on a buggy game😂 (which I never did and never will)

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to stop pretending to myself that PG actually cares about anything other than money, and delete this app.


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