First rough draft of World War (closed; smaller, focused threads coming soon)

This proposal is a work in progress. Be specific about problems and we can get 'em fixed!

Major changes so far (includes first 80 posts or so):

  • Prizes are now shared equally amongst all team members. Leaders do not pick one grand prize winner.
  • Clarified that war can only take place between teams that reasonably competitive. Generally this is ~100 rating points (or teams that hold a similar quantity & quality of land).

Points highlighted as a major concern which haven’t changed yet:

  • Flying Primarchs being able to go anywhere in the world

Clarification: League token payouts are NOT changing. This proposal only considered changes to tribute (earned and picked up from the Atlas chest)!

Note: This is a proposal. None of these proposed changes are live! Please keep in mind that specific feedback on what you’d change, flaws you see, etc. is most likely to influence the direction of this feature!

War is coming to Atlas! Declare World War on an opponent (of similar strength) to seize breeding tokens caches. A World War starts between two opposing teams, but each side can invite more teams to the conflict. Teammates will endeavor to destroy their opponents’ troops. When the dust settles, each player will earn VP for their team based on how they ranked versus other players. Like regular war, the best teams will rally all of their members to fight.

World War will bring with it a number of changes to give Atlas a faster, action-oriented feel. Primarchs will gain the ability to fly and be able to cross the world much, much more quickly without fear of getting stuck in blockades. We’re closing upkeep loopholes which allow teams to control far more land than they benefit from; this will cause an influx of land which newer teams will be able to effectively fight for and control. The fort combat bonus will be vastly higher outside of world war, and forts will gain an ability to debuff a single enemy for a short period of time; these changes will also help newer teams get and maintain a foothold in Atlas.

World wars, like regular wars, will be fought between teams of similar strength (by team rating or land holdings). In addition to the tokens fought over in individual world wars, we’ll also be adding exclusive seasonal prizes tied to the team’s achievement in world war. Exclusive seasonal prizes (released soon after the initial world war beta) will include a new dragon type (for the entire team) as well as unique prizes which unlock entire dragon tiers (the team will have to choose which players receive this great honor) and more. Top teams can also compete for exclusive prizes like a custom portrait and monument for their team!

Disclamer: This is a proposal that is being shared with the community so that we can get your feedback early on in the process. Please share your candid feedback, though keep in mind that no elements of this proposal are yet guaranteed and many aspects will likely change between now and when/if it debuts (a lot of those changes will probably be due to your feedback!).

Want more details? Keep reading. The above section was intended to be a light intro. The following sections are for those who want more of the gory details.

Key Preparatory Changes

  • Flying Primarchs ☆ achieve a more action-oriented pace
    • point-to-point inter-region travel; time ∝ distance (very easy to use; much faster; NLT 10min)
    • remove portals
    • remove “move next” option
    • add “move & attack” option on mines & poachers in the same region as your primarch
  • Fort bonus is now 300% higher outside of world war ☆ Improve defense against lone attackers
    • Remove blockades from Atlas (rushers can still trap) ☆ Simplify movement & coordination
  • ☆ Limit how much land teams want to own by giving upkeep teeth
    • Upkeep is no longer free at level 0 HQs
    • Upkeep unpaid → castle lost & garrisoned troops are teleported home / friendly castle
      • Infrastructure goes into storage with the usual level loss
  • ☆ Clearly communicate land buffs & award them in discrete tiers instead of incrementally
    • Each team will have a Land Score, HQ Score, Bank Score, etc. These scores increases as you takeover more land and upgrade your infrastructure.
    • The top team in each category gets the best buff; the next N teams get the next best, etc.

World War

  • Once your team owns land, you can disable regular war (cannot declare or be declared on).

  • Tribute tokens are no longer handed out daily

    • Tribute tokens accrue into the team “treasury” (up to 375k)
    • Raise minimum tribute to 200 tokens/day → owning even a weak castle is worthwhile
  • Aggressor team declares world war on another team

    • Declaration Prerequisites
      • Attacker must have enough tokens to ante.
      • Defender has >110k tokens in the treasury.
      • War is enabled (not disabled due to core game major event)
      • Odds are no more one-sided than ~100 Team Rating Points (applies to teams joining via Escalation too)
    • Ante - tokens are moved from each team’s treasury into the war prize pool
      • Aggressor antes 100k * max(odds, 1) tokens
      • Defender antes 100k / (Aggressor Ante / 100k) tokens
    • Odds - estimated attacker superiority (e.g., ~100 Team Rating Points suggests the attacker is stronger; details below)
    • Starts 12-36hr later (randomly chosen upon declaration → chance at a good start time for both sides)
    • Duration = 36hr + 4hr every time another team joins
  • Rules of War

    • May fight each other anywhere on the map (including safe zones & shielded castles)
    • Escalation (max of 10 per side)
      • At the defender’s invitation, up to 2 teams to join the war on their side.
      • For each team that joins the war, the other side may invite 1 more team
      • Teams must be invited and pay their own ante to join (based on the updated odds)
  • Victory Points - whichever side has the most VP wins

    • Players are ranked based on how much glory they earned killing war enemies.
    • Each player earns VP for their side based on their rank and (if defending) odds
    • Rank N player earns ((M - m) * 5 + m * 2 * 50 - N + 1) * odds
      • m = minTeamsOnOneSide … M = maxTeamsOnOneSide
      • The value of odds is 1 if the player is an aggressor; may be > 1 for defenders.
      • Example: If there are 19 teams in the war (9 aggressors & 10 defenders) then the top ranked player earns ((10 - 9) * 5 + 9 * 2 * 50 - N + 1) * odds = 905 * odds VP
  • Prize Pool Payout

    • Team rating changes based on the war’s outcome (only the original two teams)
    • Each team on the winning side receives …
      • their ante back
      • a fraction of the remaining prize pool based on relative glory contributions
    • Any tokens beyond up to 2x the losing side’s ante will be deposited in the winners’ treasuries
      • The 2x threshold is a max which unlocks based on the glory won (no glory earned → 0x).
    • The team splits the token prize evenly.


I’m not going to go deep into detail here on the forums, but the odds will be calculated based on how much land a team owns and its team rating (the stronger of the two). Odds are recomputed when a new team joins the war so that their ante is scaled appropriate to their predicted impact on the outcome.

Other Tweaks & Prizes

  • Visually war enemies visually distinctive for the duration of the war
  • Visualize traveling primarchs with a cloud underneath them
  • (v2) Global list of wars fought, troops killed, etc. (Eventually, show rivalries too.)
  • (v2) Auto-create group chat channel for each side of the war (once the side has multiple teams)
  • (v2) Season Prizes - excelling at Atlas world wars will unlock novel prizes in seasons (probably start this shortly after the World War beta ends … probably makes sense to make it coincide with the start of the next season)
    • Prizes unlocked by meeting the criteria for a series of tiers
    • Criteria (must meet all of these criteria)
      • earning enough glory during war
      • distributed enough tokens from war
      • won enough wars against “equals” as the lead aggressor / defender
        • It’s a war between “equals” if Odds <= 1.3
    • won enough wars between “equals” as an assistant aggressor / defender
    • Prizes will be awarded to all team members evenly.
    • Novel prizes for top teams
      • Team which earns the most glory & tokens during war - Animated Team Portrait
        • Next 2 best teams - Custom Portrait
      • Team w/the most net wars wins vs equals - Custom Monument
        • Winner helps design the monument and gets gold trim
        • Next 4 best teams - get a copy of the monument with silver trim
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I personally don’t like it. I think this means atlas will become exactly what we didn’t want from the beginning, a replacement to the core game.


Do you like Atlas now? What kind of changes are you looking for?

Definitely not a replacement to the core game. The core game is about building up your base and training dragons. World War supplements that through token prizes (etc.), and hopefully incentivizes strategic, large-scale warfare between “equals” (versus random glory hunting / trading / griefing that’s a bit more prevalent in some corners of the world right now).

Wow way to seize on what’s the real currency in this game!! :joy:

@PGDave does this mean that at minimum for a full team, everyday 10000 tokens (50 x 200) will be deposited into the team treasury?

Not a fan at all…

Correct, assuming your team owns at least one castle.

Can you elaborate @iDREAMiKILLERi? It’s helpful to understand what and why.

I need to digest but this looks elegant and I think I like what it’s doing on the surface. (I expect it to be wildly unpopular with the established folks though)

Hmm. Also thank you for how you wrote this up. Well organized and explained.

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This seems problematic to me. Is this an option for anytime during Atlas? Or only if you’ve initiated or are currently a part of a world war? I see this being particularly tricky in the current set up, where not all teams in a given league have Atlas access due to changing leagues after the releases. If one or two teams in league have access to Atlas and they can’t be declared war on, then that seems eh.

The rest is a lot of information and will have to take a look at more in depth, but this particularly stood out to me.


I don’t like this new concept. I enjoy playing the current WD game and I enjoy playing Atlas. I don’t think one should take over the other. If I want war, I’ll declare. If I want land, we will fight for it. If I want tokens, I’ll buy a pack (that’s the only real way right?). I like that Atlas can be any mans game with strategy. Yeah u can spend 1k on troops and lose them to some one with a good plan. That’s what the old WD was. Strategy and skill. I’d like that to be brought back into play.


This seems like a ridiculous amount of time to me


Adding this to this thread for visibility. @Jonesy started a thread outside of the atlas category to let non-atlas folks discuss.

His first point was also my first thought. Essentially being immune to regular game declaration is nice for teams in atlas, but I feel like this could be bad for the regular game. (although as an atlas player I like this because obviously declared from two types of places at once can be too much as it does seem optional to disable, but I bet most people disable it. )

It has a potential to further enable sandbagging which I am seeing as a growing problem.

Still thinking about the larger system though. Would atlas Wars have War colored banners?


This thread inspires much dislike

Waiting for @Gox1201’s dissertation on the effects of the proposal and counter suggestions like :eyes:


In full agreement, don’t like it at all.

Also, what is PG planning to do about those teams with NO castle?

Seems rather one-sided to me, and more of a pay-to-play.

I like most of this, but am deeply concerned with the part about exclusive dragons and dragon tiers.
I do not think Atlas should change the current method of breeding. At all. Ever.
@TheRedDelilah please weigh in


I see multiple ways this can be abused:

  • Get an ally and declare on ally
  • win war vs ally
  • ally declares on you
  • ally wins
  • keep the merry-go-round happening

Team rewards still get paid out. Personal rewards still get paid out. Season prizes still get paid out. No wars outside Atlas.

Another issue: can one team be declared on by multiple teams? If so then this is an even greater griefing mechanism as now there’s real pain (losing tokens)

Yet another issue. Team must have >100k tokens to be declared on. So can the team treasury be distributed outside of world war, or can it only be distributed as part of world war winnings? If it can be distributed outside of world war then a team just has to keep its treasury empty so it cannot be declared on.

Feels like a series of potential loopholes here…

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@PGDave how will this affect already established alliances? This could go one of two ways if you pit 2 current allies against each other. 1. The 2 teams say screw it and dont fight. Kills the event and makes it pointless. 2. The teams DO fight causing other alliance teams to choose sides. Now said alliance is mad at each other and breaks apart. Now that the alliance has broke up, all parties are furious with PG and start blaming you guys for EVERYTHING that goes wrong it atlas. Not sure if its worth it lol


@Narl Read the bit about upkeep changes. It directly addresses the (minority, but an important minority) of “no castle” castle teams out there.