First rough draft of World War (closed; smaller, focused threads coming soon)


Why is this a bad idea?

  1. It currently costs over 900k sigils to breed the Sapphire tier, another 900+k for Garnet, and about 1M for Obsidian - so yes this is a very meaningful prize
  2. However, you’re only allowing it to be rewarded to one player - no team leader is going to do that because that is literally giving someone instantly what takes at least 6 months of hard slog or a whole Scrooge McDuck silo of gold - imagine dealing with the fallout from disgruntled team members
  3. But if the leader doesn’t award it, then the entire team will also get pissed because now what are they fighting the world war for?
  4. Other than the Atlas dragon “Atla” and it’s stones, all the tier prizes are for one individual only - why the hell should the team work so hard, kill all their hard-earned troops - to get nothing back in return other than 1 dragon, and one team mate gets an entire stable?

How to fix this?
Make all tier prizes something substantial for the entire team - e.g. free revive of all troops lost in the next world war; 3x token boost for entire season; 100k tokens; 100 Gold Chests; 20 instant troop summons; 20000 of each type of rider gear shards; 5000 scrolls; 500 rider shards; etc etc I mean I could go on - these are just some off the top of my head in the last 30 seconds.


But it’s not between equals because the max odds are set at 3:1! So a team theoretically 3 times better/more powerful/whatever the calc is can declare on one 3 times less powerful than it is…how is that equal?


I am going to try really, really, really hard to be positive and constructive. I just slammed a beer, and have started another for this.

My constructive post to this would be have the declaring team ante more than the defending team. That being said, I think the ante system of egg tokens is awful. I would rather see a different currency here.

I see the growth, and 10 teams is absolutely massive and too much. For this to work, there needs to be a very sophisticated ally system, which doesn’t exist in any way.

I think it should be more with the fact that you’re asking me to kill all my troops (which, by the way, take way way way longer to get than to lose. This is a core problem).

So help me understand. Killing troops of your opponent is how you will earn the VP. Yes?

I think anywhere -> anywhere is just too much. I still think anywhere -> neutral would be more than enough. This would make movement easier and still allow for land strategy. Some players are defensive oriented in Risk (me), some are attack oriented. This seems like you want to punish all strategies that aren’t all full blown attack.

I disagree with this. I can’t put my finger on it to make the words all logical and whatnot (see), but I will revisit this.

Now you have my attention.

In theory, yes it’s great. As a team leader for almost three years, I can tell you that it’s not a good idea to reward one person even the slightest bit more than others. I am all for meaningful prizes, but the one player selection and the breeding progression massive skip I am vehemently against.

As far as breeding progression, I have not been approached by any PG individual to actually discuss my thoughts on Breeding Progression in this game. Even when I visited the office, I felt like a lot of it was “we see what you’re saying, but this is how it is”.

People like to be special. Avatars, monuments, and special base items would be lovely. Or a crown for my Noctua. Cough Cough.

I would be okay if wars are disabled only during the event (that is what I am calling the World War, because I refuse to see this as a 24/7 addition to the game).

Feedback for First rough draft of World War

Sounds good. I’ll be editing out the singleton rewards. Keep in mind that several people could get huge rewards … and next season it could be several different people. So everyone gets their due over time. I was hoping it’d be more fun because you’d get a huge bomb of a prize when it was your turn. Splitting prizes up 50 ways necessarily changes their magnitude. But I totally understand why picking the lucky member would be a less than enjoyable process.

Feedback for First rough draft of World War

But that doesn’t help anyone. New guys stay little and landless fighting other little landless folks, and big guys engage in their usual pissing and posturing contests - just shifting it from League Chat into Atlas.

What’s the point of the feature then? Really? If Atlas is already getting stale - less than 4 months after it’s wider release - you should be questioning the viability of Atlas at its core. Or, figuring out how to balance it for newly added teams so everyone can effectively integrate it into their daily game play.

Get Atlas right first, make sure everyone can meaningfully play in that part of the game, then start ramping it up. At best this is premature… at worst it’s a game-killer.


Another thought/comment/question, is what would the projected timeline be for this? Before Atlas is launched to all planned leagues? After?

I’m wary about such massive prizes that would DRASTICALLY advance Atlas players over players that may not have access yet due to the rollout. Similarly, rollout of a feature like this would greatly benefit teams who have had longer time and experience in Atlas, especially when considering the number of troops players and teams have.


@ShadowsOfBirds Any actionable feedback? Sincerely (and regrettably), I do not understand your particular concerns yet. It’s impossible to make something better without that. Check out the back and forth with @BriggyBombGRRl for the level of detail that helps get changes made.


No timeline yet; I think it’s very much still up in the air if this should happen … and at a minimum there’s a huge amount of discussion and iteration in the future of this feature before it ever gets started.


Some of these changes are aimed squarely at less experienced players (e.g., the fort buff, upkeep changes). What changes would you make? The goal is certainly to get Atlas right first, and then roll it out more broadly, as you suggest.


What’s the goal of these changes?

Maybe, we start there and figure out how we can implement them to benefit all?


@PGDave I do think world wars could be fun, but I don’t think taking away individual payouts is a way to get more people involved in Atlas. Honestly we only have some people playing because of that. Take it away and they may get too discouraged.
I get where you were coming from with the single prizes and the general idea is nice for some but in the eye of the people reading it that would have to make that decision it makes me want to go crawl back to gold, save some money, and never play the game again.


@SnowPR The primary goal is to incentivize strategic, large-scale warfare between “equals” over random glory hunting / trading / griefing. All the ☆ are the secondary goals. I’ll rework the post to put the goals clearly at the top.

Feedback for First rough draft of World War

Again, it is not between equals Dave:

Edit: if you want equal, then mandate the 1.3:1 ratio instead of making it a goal for tier prizes.


How is one larger or smaller? I assume each team will have 50 people?


Less powerful then…I’ll edit


3:1 is not what you think. It’s roughly 60 team rating points. i.e., what you’d find in almost every league already. D1 teams won’t generally be able to war even D2.

Feedback for First rough draft of World War

There isn’t ever going to be teams exactly equal. Do you think it will just be a bunch of higher ranked teams hitting down?


@PGDave If it’s not already being done, could the first post be updated with any changes/potential changes/extra detail since the thread has started, just to keep things together?


I think one main reason, especially for myself, which is keeping my brain back from understanding this is that there is a severe lack of mechanics to support this realistically. Ally mechanics, and logical travel mechanics. To my, I think steps should be FIRST:

  1. Open a thread about Ally Mechanics and see what people want/don’t want to see for this.
  2. Open a thread about travel mechanics and see what people want/don’t want for this.

These basic ideas need to be covered, and we need to experience it, before we can even comprehend how this larger picture will actually work in practice. As is, there is a lot missing.


Working on it as you asked @forScience!

EDIT: original post updated with errata at the very top.