First Thing In Your Head


Let’s hope your ship doesn’t sink :sweat_smile::sweat::see_no_evil:


Titanic was the worst movie ever! :joy:


I guess you have never seen “Kung Fu Dunk” which I would have to say is far, far worse. I wish I had that hour and a half of my life back :rofl:


Kung Fu Panda




Pg Jared- Keeper of Pans
Side Note: No I haven’t watched Kung Fu Dunk lol


Puns more puns and poke-puns


I love some punny puns to ‘poke’ my funny bone.


I was gonna make a sodium hydrogen pun but NaH


Wish i would have paid attention in chemistry class :eyes:


Chemistry class wasn’t as interesting as I thought it would be. There was only the frog dissection and golden penny over 8 years, and the rest was just paperwork. Then again, it was so boring I barely remember it so I may have forgotten any other exciting events (if any).


I failed my chemistry test…I was so happy


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Alieno probably goes through a lot of lotion.


idk what u mean but im young (25) :slight_smile:
what can i have in my mind ?? ehehe


Actually, it’s NaOH


Wouldn’t that be Sodium Hydroxide then?


W-well… I HOPED PEOPLE WOULD GET IT- :stuck_out_tongue:


Making puns, huh?

Toucan play that game.