First Thing In Your Head


Game cube


Nintendo Entertainment System
Not to be confused with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System


Another odd Nintendo name convention:
Nintendo ds
not to be confused with 3ds
Or 2ds (xl or not)
Or ds lite
Really?! Yeah Nintendo needs a new naming group :joy: and the bunch of new super Mario bros: wii/world/delux


You forget the DSi
(That’s the first electronic I ever got, currently sitting dead in my room)


I wasn’t trying to list them all :joy:
Also the newer 3ds and 2ds for the list but I have to say one of my favorite games from the ds would have to be Layton and diabolical box ( I know it has different name in other regions and that the sequel is considered better but I like diabolical a bit more )


Flipnote Hatena
I’m sighing right now, just remembering the loss of many amazing art communities, and coming from the dsi of all places


WD Art team!


Wd needs a name origin team as well…
and I forgot flip note and new game I’m telling bout today you may not no bout has to my all time favorite- Pokémon mystery dungeon Red/Blue rescue team! Cool story! Not great plot wise BUT TOUGH AS NAILS game wise post game! And a great way to get into old mechanics! Yeah blue was on ds but originally few years ago played red though computer emulate but it ain’t illegal as I have blue as a disk with boxpal ver at home!


Lots to read


Nothing new to read


I totally forgot about this thread






Cordless piano


Piano time!




courtesy of @Sam


Nooooo not that again

Edit: my keyboard is possessed


Demons run wild in the night :smiling_imp:


How is this forum post still a thing