Continuing the discussion from Updates to Dragons Navigation - I want to just have a simple poll to see what people are thinking based off of screenshots alone. Please leave all additional feedback on the so linked thread. Images are below for reference.

This new UI...

(multiple choice)

  • …looks better than the current one. Can’t wait!
  • …looks fine - I am neutral.
  • …I could get use to, but am not a fan of it
  • …seems pointless, but what is done is done.
  • …looks bad, and I dislike a handful of qualities/look.
  • …looks bad, and I dislike a majority of the qualities/look.
  • …is difficult for me to process visually.
  • …looks difficult to use
  • …needs a LOT of work before it should ever be uses
  • …looks terrible and I want it gone entirely
  • …IS difficult to use (ANDROID ONLY)
  • …IS hard on the eyes (ANDROID ONLY)
  • …IS okay to look at (ANDROID ONLY)
  • …IS great and easy to use (ANDROID ONLY)
  • …IS difficult to use
  • …IS terrible and I want it gone

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New Profile Screen


Ranking - Team Rankings within a given League

Attacks, Dragons, Riders, and Quests:


Attack Screen - Matchmaking with a collapsible right side


Dragons - Swapping Dragons out for others in your roster

Dragon Riders - Hired and Unhired Riders


Quests Menu

Chat and Mail:


Chat Menu - Team Chat


Mail Menu - System Messages

Store and Settings:


Store Menu - Purchase Elite


Settings - Account Info Page

I want to state that the goal of this poll is to collectively organize some ideas with some clear options so the data can be easily shown. This is for those who don’t do as well with the general “comments” and prefer hard “data”.


I’ll tell you when I get the update… the screenshots look nice, and I like the full size displays (this actually hurt android keyboards so badly to have mini text boxes) otherwise putting the matchmaking mirrored is something I need to see for myself to form an opinion


I like the mail part, since changing tab won’t be affected by join banner without closing it.

I hate the attack screen due to not showing the whole base, and switching from left to right.


Can’t you still minimize the matchmaking tab? :thinking: :t_rex:

It used to be 1 tap to pick a base.
Making it becomes 2-3 (3 for picky person) is more uncomfortable.


Ahhh. I’ll have to see it in action. Either way, some of this stuff looks really clunky and crowded. Blegh. :t_rex:


Separating dragons and riders (they have an own tab obviously) doesn’t make sense and the attack screen is so beyond centered and clean it’d be hilarious if it wouldn’t be so horrible.

Also I dislike the asymmetrical look of the profile and the rest.

Main question is: Why was this necessary? Why couldn’t we get a logical and more easy access UI with some new functions and graphic effects if you need to keep the UI team busy?

Does it look different? Yeah. Is everything which is different better? Gawd no…

Back to the drawing board…


*seems pointless, if there’s a single glitch coming from this I hope it’s rolled back.


It all looks good, but also pointless.

I would love to see some UI changes that improves funtionality instead of just appearances. Take these for example:

-a screen that shows all items and rss a player owns in the game

-spell buttons that a player can arrange to their liking (swap button too)

-a more functional Den with an easier/quicker way to pull Dragons out and put them back in (swapping one dragon for another was never an issue for me personally)

-team chat being viewable from the Event screen/map

^ These would be UI changes for which I would stand up and applaud.


:clap::clap::clap::clap: :t_rex:

A picture is worth a thousand words





Yeah, now that I see it side by side, this new shit looks like… shit.
Come on, PG. Just leave the functional stuff as it is. I promise that changing up the matchmaking screen (out of all the things!) isn’t going to affect your money income. :man_facepalming: :t_rex:


I really hope that means there won’t be that annoying chat switch… would be worth it just for that… and seriously guys … press the white arrow and u have full base visual… so not sure what the issue is there…


I actually like that the bookmarks tab is more easily accessible with your left thumb now, rather than having to tap it with your right index. That said, I hate the location of the attack button, and am not sure about how visible the whole base will be. It looks bad, I’m hoping it’s a bad SS.

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mmm :yum: 101kali… (sorry off topic)

Um yeah - who knows buddy? Maybe some dyslexic designer got his hands on the portfolio?

Pointless iMO

Cluttered and confusing
A total waste of time
An affront to my retinas
Is someone getting paid for every tab they use?


@PGCrisis, the second small island, the new layout looks as if we’ll have to swipe/scroll the screen to see it. Is that true? I can’t tell for sure.

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Just did the updated and it is HORRIBLE. I dont have perfect vision and now in the attack menu the numbers and icons are so small in the target select that it actually hurts my eyes. This is one of the most cluttered messes I’ve ever seen. Tabs and random icons everywhere for absolutely no reason.

Please either change it back or give us the option in setting to use the old one