Five farms? A dream come true

Post withdrawn…


PG put her in a cyber security den and blocked her(?) access to forums. They occasionally bring food and turn her to the sun.

@Arelyna and @PGJared are the ones you wanna tag here.
Make a ticket.

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Actually I think the correct response is to submit a support ticket.


I asked if anyone has seen it before, it’s probably a glitch and she (?) probably sent one in. You can send one if you want!

Haha, the player that has 5 farms, send in a ticket because they have too many?


“Hi, PG, yeah, like, uh, I just like, um, yeah, did this really neat trick, where, um, yeah I have like 5 mills now? So like, um, yeah, don’t ban me please?”

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It’s possible! I’ll delete my post, I didn’t want to make another ticket as I have one running now :wink:

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There is an old building duplicator hack. That’s always been caused by that. Not as bad as I’ve seen before. The hack also let people place multiple buildings in the same space.

There is almost zero chance of it being just a glitch.

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Now that you mention it, I do recall the multiple buildings in one spot. I will make a ticket about it once my other one is resolved

I think with the new system you can have multiple tickets open at once :eyes:

You can, but I want my other one handled :sob: I don’t want to add another one to the queue. Although it should technically be handled after my first ticket.

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