Fix Android Glitch

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When am I going to be able to see a full list of who attacks me?? Android has had this glitch, not being able to see more than one attack at a time, since I started this game. Every time I talk to someone about it, no one can give me an answer as to when it will be fixed. Can anyone speak to this? Pretty please! :smiley:


One way which admittedly isn’t ideal is always go to main base first DO NOT check mail click on little black box it’ll show u the entire list… I have same issue on my alt which is android my main is iPad

Clicking on the black “base raided” box only works once. Then the boxes are cleared and you only see the very last incoming attack.

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Yep. You can see the list, but as soon as you click on one, you can watch the replay once, and then they are all gone. Even if you know who attacked you, you can revenge one or watch one.

It’s weird, because the data is there, but it “disappears” when you look at it, like an electron… you can know where it is or where it is going, but not both. :man_shrugging:

It is rather annoying.

Yes, exactly. I want to be able to watch all of them, so I can better my base. Also so I know who I need to revenge. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same, have this issue too :persevere:

Known Android problem due to memory and stability issues. They did it on purpose. Won’t be fixed any time soon.

I know it is a “known issue” but it has been known for years and I want to see more than one attack at a time!

Yeah you’d have to write them down which is annoying but depends how much you care… personally I rarely revenge so it’s only a real issue if someone had farmed me and I wanted proof but forgot to ss right at that moment

I don’t care that much unless they stole rss I was saving, or if they have attacked me multiple times in a day. Otherwise, I don’t revenge. I really want it because I want to be able to watch every replay.

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