Fix Android "Replay" list

I know it was brought up before, but I couldn’t find an official answer
Every time I’m attacked more than once, if I go to the “Replay” window I can only see 1 attack. Fix and put all the latest attacks! It’s annoying!
Thank you


This has been an issue (for me at least) since January :joy:

Easy fix - get an iPad! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Seriously, it is annoying but it is what it is. It also lease that when you revenge 5x for quest is is 5 hits on one person

When you have that quest, and hit a single base 5x times, he/she can think you are farming him/her, leading to ugly situations. That happened to me…
They should be able to fix it, since the first time you log on and you see the black boxes of everyone that attacked you and click on it, you see all the attackers! Silly that works in one situation but not in the other.

There was one time between the previous two events where i wasn’t attacked for 5 days. I had to revenge the same person for two entire events multiple days per event haha. At least he was cool with it after explaining :smiley:

This is my 6th season playing WD, I have never been able to see more than the most recent replay after the initial defense report at login.

I have complained about this many many times, as well as the phantom rewards in season prizes. It’s just one of those things PG either doesn’t care about fixing or won’t admit that they have no clue how to fix.


I have been playing for almost a year and I don’t remember ever being able to see more than one replay at a time in the replay menu. PG please fix this. :sweat:

Nn the issue of revenge quest runs. You know you dont have to complete the run for getting the quest marked as done.

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Yeah just fly a red tier, so you don’t waste heals and they benefit from free rubies and rss untouched. Win win. :+1:

or you can just burn their base 5 times and blame PG :smiling_imp:


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