Fix issues don't add new content

No one can join, you give several different reasons for this but none are correct. Poor Internet connection, attacker lost connection which isn’t true because I’m sitting right beside the person and they are still attacking. Stop adding things to the game and updating things and get the issues fixed, we can’t finish quests that require us to join when nothing pops up to join or we can’t join at all so we are losing out on our rewards and are never compensated. My other games when they have issues they compensate the player. I have 2 other games that have pvp and join options never once have i had an issue like this game constantly has. If these issues aren’t fixed you are going to be losing alot of players as no one wants to play a game much less pay for one that doesn’t work properly.

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If you’re interested, you’ll see that the entire theme of next year’s developmental roadmap is “Fix Things.” There are several existing threads regarding bugs to prioritize, quality of life issues, etc. I suggest looking into them.

Unfortunately, “Adding” section and “Fixing” section seems to be separated…

That said,

doesn’t have any relation with poor internet connection :woman_facepalming:


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