Fix Lockjaw not a mythic

That’s pretty much it.

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Can you explain please more in detail?

i mean hes kinda not a mythic but a mythic legendary lol

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Make a mythic warrior that does damage without haveinh to use a pell that makes it do damage with a 2 second duration

This feels like a less coherent version of a pre existing thread. Basically if it doesn’t steamroll max towers, it’s broken. Don’t mind the fact you basically get one free mythic per season :joy:


Ok let’s go over the facts:
It’s a fast dragon compared to Hau2, and when you time the spells correctly it locks out defenders.

It’s more complex to fly than your average warrior, and just because the flier can’t pick their nose and watch tv while they fly it doesn’t mean it’s bad.


I say they make his toggle spell rageless so he can better manage his Rage more.

@PGGalileo can you look into this please :innocent:

All mythic dragons must now be a combination of Gig and Surt. To activate their full potential, players must scream “GOGUUUUUUURT!!!” at the top of their lungs at the start of each run, and then consume Gogurt during the attack. PG will get a Yoplait sponsorship, and everything will be perfect!

…seriously, though, Lockjaw is fine, folks. With the right timing of his spells, Lockjaw is quite capable of destroying towers.


“Let’s remove all the drawbacks from a strong mythic that’s already the faster of the 2 mythics”


What are you getting at? :joy:

Yes this is accurate


You know what they need to do, they need to take the whole Krefeeble idea and just make that the mythic that people want. A mythic that enfeebles the base of what you’re attacking and can do it all in under 30 seconds, problem solved :sunglasses:


Fine by me! I can pop in for 10 mins, do my missions, grab a little glory if I want it and then do something else. Like shaving with lemon juice. More fun than dealing with the likes of Glossia and Ozy. :slight_smile:

I only have lockjaw to empyrean so I don’t see how he performs against max bases but I am pretty sure I know the solution.

Nerf Gig. Gig is setting unrealistic expectations, is a pain in my backside, and I didn’t get him.


I feel you on that one, I didn’t pick GiG either because Narlyth was better in my opinion.

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These threads are ridiculous i have lock jaw he does really well if your having trouble with him all i can say is stop flying him like a warrior and learn to time your spells if you spam the freeze he will die if you wait for freeze to end and hit it again you will perma lock the towers.

people complain all over that dragons need to be more skill reliant and stop being so stupidly over powered but when we get dragons like that the same people complain that its not good enough cuz some old dragon was stronger. Yeah gig was and is stupidly strong so was surt and so were a few others along the way the point is to stop making the same mistakes over and over and as far as i can tell dragon design wise they are succeeding for the most part.

Like i said i have lock jaw if they buff him great for me but do i think he need it ? no not really i think the concept of warriors and sorcs needs to be fundamentally fixed but as far as his skill set hes great as is.

if you want something to complain about complain about the non stop game breaking bugs and the fact atlas is basically un playable as soon as more then 5 people show up.


I think he is just fine and balanced feels like a mythic if I can hit one of the highest level in the game 85B DP solo im happy.
I don’t know if could have done it defended but it’s still like a mythic in my book


I have to question the flying skills and expectations of anyone claiming he’s garbage. He’s actually pretty solid, like a more high maintenance Meglok (and yes, Meglok was good). He could use a few minor tweaks but really doesnt need anything substantial. He’s good enough that most players should be able to use him but he isnt an I win dragon

I will admit I need to run him more against defenders since most defenders have dropped when I do manage to get them or they havent defended hard. Undefended he can take out any base as long as you watch your rage. I’d certainly say he deserves to be a mythic. Legendary warriors are worthless


He can deal with defended bases, I went up against two defenders on a 30B+ base and didn’t die. He’s a solid mythic warrior to have if anyone needs a solid warrior in their roster.

Only thing I personally don’t like, is his first toggle shield costing 1 rage :sweat_smile: if* they make it cost 0 rage then he’ll be more rage efficient and can be a bit more tanker on alternating between his shields.


hes a mythic legendary lol like namaka like noct only ment for 110s which is legendary status in new tier hes not ment for the full blown 115s :slight_smile: so hes right about not being a mythic as in new tier only has legendary power