Fix Perwog pls 🐸

Hey I hope everyone is doing great.
Today I just added Perwog to my roster and I have been rocking him.
I love the dragon and didn’t take me long to fly him well defended.

While practicing Perwog defended I noticed his deathgaze spell doesn’t do enough damage to destroy a tower that has been shielded by enemies, it’s really difficult to take out the blue mage while orrery is shielding it if you don’t have the deathgaze. If the deathgaze damage isn’t strong enough to take out the blue mage he is a sitting duck and there is nothing much to do. Pls can his deathgaze get a small damage buff just engough so he can be usable defended.

Again while practicing I noticed if Perwog gets iceflack super shot his breath damage dose nothing, I have explained it more in the video below. This is a major issue since it’s killed me multiple times.

I didn’t know Perwog had these problems and it’s very annoying wasting so many resources on a dragon that has bugs and issues the season is nearly over and he doesn’t seem the best to hit above tiers and I would really like to enjoy him this season.

I made a quick YouTube video explaining and showing my problems.
Thank you :blush:


The ice flak bug has been known for a while, and a fix promised for nearly as long. It was supposed to be fixed with the last update, but if we’ve had any communication since it was discovered to be still a problem, I’ve missed it.

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I think the reason why swamp blast wasn’t able to oneshot the blue mage lies not in the damage dealt by the spell but rather in your timing with orrery shield.
Looking at the video closely, you can see that the first time you shot the spell after you fully turned, giving the orrery ss enough time to deploy in the time between the tower’s health bar going grey and it getting destroyed completely (health bar going black).
The second time, you shot swamp blast earlier from turn and the orrery wasn’t quick enough to stop you.

Ice flak glitch sadly is still around although pg claimed they fixed it in the last update


What I love is that even though the ice flak glitch with both the hunter and warrior have been known problems for a while and they failed to fix it last update they still have not said anything to us about it. Communication this season has been absolutely unacceptable.


If the dragon is unfixable as it seems maybe a full refund should be given. Any thoughts ? Why are players paying for a product that isn’t working as intended?


Try to open ticket in Helpdesk if you have not done it already.
Like any support team, they give more weightage to frequency of ticket related to same issue.

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Already have but they don’t seem to bothered to fix it lol :man_shrugging:

Narlyth was a dragon they never fixed as well. He would have been a very good dragon if they had fixed him.

I don’t think swamp blast is a death gaze type spell, I think I have read it is just a high damage spell so it doesn’t always kill towers when defended.

It will be nice if they fix the ice flak issue, I like this dragon.


Escalate that ticket by DM to DragonPunch


Fixed it for you.

Edit: He was a very good dragon, despite the bugs.

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I thought he was good, in my opinion, would have moved to very good without it. I know many managed well even with the bug.

Swamp Blast is in fact not a death gaze type spell. Its an umbral spike type spell. The difference is that umbral spike type spells can heal. Most spells that are “death gaze” type spells by community definition are umbral spikes.
Both of these spell families deal damage based on modified attack, how much depends on the individual spell. Swamp blast is 1500% (same as 15 ammo) while actual death gaze and umbral spike (also some others) are 1000000% (same as 10000 ammo). The only spell family that is supposed to always kill towers is the crumble to dust family, all other spells that deal damage do so based on dragon attack and/or hp (unless im forgetting one but im pretty sure im not)


Spell flux will also automatically destroy one tower, although the target can’t be freely chosen.

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No. It deals 3.8% of the dragons modified HP damage. See neon

That’s the splash damage from flux. Spell flux auto kills a tower. I can kill a maxed and boosted tower with platinum Kelvin’s spell flux


In that case my alts Iteru was somehow defect, failing to kill lvl 60 farms with it

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