Fix resource logs in team chat? POLL

There has been 2 other forums about this but they got closed so I am remaking it so pg can look at it every so often.

  • Move resource transfers out of team chat
  • Dont Care
  • Leave it as it is.
  • Remove all resource transfer logs.

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really interrupts team chat.

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You know you can turn it off, right? 4th tab in team meeting hall.

Bank transfers cannot be turned off, as far as I know.

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I mean who cares if people are putting resources in the bank I dont. I hope we all do.


Right. And with a bank ledger, why do we really need to see those in TC?

Let’s be honest, the social aspect of this game is probably what’s keeping most people playing. So times it’s not even worth talking in TC due to all the transfers :joy:

Queue the “make group chats” suggestions :unamused:

As a banker the transfers to players are kinda useful to see for me, to know if other bankers already picked up a request. I also like to scroll back and see in how many minutes my own incoming transfers happen, or how long I need to wait to send the next ones to the bank or players.

In other words, I do like having these messages somewhere where I can look them up when I want to. But I’d very much like them gone from my regular chat and moved to a seperate chat tab, along with other system messages like wars, pvp messages and whatnot.


I second that, Morreion.

Whether it’s a separate tab for all transfers, or a new fancy surface dedicated for those involving the viewer (think about the prim travel time) matters not.

On a second thought, the latter one would be helpful only for the 44 members.

To the OP: Good luck with your poll. If you collect 50 votes, I will send you a :carrot:

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Thats main game not atlas


Transfer requests are mandatory to show somewhere. Whether someone is trying to time receiving them, or have X amount sent by several people, it isn’t something to just remove. Whoever voted for that is just dumb.

Whether you move them, leave them, color them green like they used to be, whatever it doesn’t matter to me.


What does a carrot do? LOL
I did another poll that got a bunch of activity.

Can I have a carrot lol

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The resource information is helpful to know when someone sent a transfer or who is putting rss in the bank, but many a conversation are lost in endless scroll of transfers. It would be nice if they just had another tab for everyone to view that all the transfer posted too.

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I bet ForSci would like that one…


That would probably be a safe bet :laughing:

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Since PG has already said they hope to do this, and you don’t really provide implementation options that would inform their design, what is the point?

From War Dragons 2019 Quality of Life discussion


Solution found. @moderators can we close this?