Fix. The. Broken. Game

Watch the linked video. This game is broken.

My love for the game has gone quite cold recently. My contribution is getting to the point I feel guilty staying on my current team. Any guesses why I feel like quitting?

The footage above is unedited. This is the kind of gameplay I’d expect from some early access game made by a start-up 2 man development team, not a company that makes $2 million a month. Think of it. A company making 2M a month, after 4 years, has a game that runs in this bad. You talk about player retention, land shuffle, ect. Fix. The. Game. This a big reason why people don’t enjoy the game. Meanwhile PG keeps preaching how much they care, and how much they are working on it, ect, ect. It’s all clearly not the case. You make 2M a month, and this is best you can do. I don’t buy it. Something needs to change. You guys are an embarrassment.
@PGGalileo This needs attention.

Revenue stats:


See it from their side. When everyone keeps dumping money into a broken product, so their revenue stays the same. Why fix it then? It cost money to fix things.


The speed in that video looks a great deal like many of my attacks. I have had my dragon actually stop flapping and hang in the air while the buildings below kept firing. As for the money side of it, if they don’t fix things soon, they won’t be getting that $2M/month and will have a company filing for bankruptcy.

:rofl: android port is poorly optimized.

It costs them nothing extra to fix the bugs,unless they’d have to hire actual game programmers.

When things are in as bad a shape as wd, they would need to divert full teams, from their current tasks to fixing the core issues.

That costs on the planned execution of the roadmap, as that will be delayed. It also cost on the motovation of the developers.

All that said, PG build this technical debt them self, and they should start paying off on it.

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