Fix The Swap Button!


I have never really had an issue with the swap button, and just played around it-- no big deal.

This new UI is KILLING ME. As has been pointed out previously, now that you’ve gone and made that button a diamond for no intelligent reason the button field is expanded beyond the edges of the graphic and I’m hitting that damn thing ALL THE TIME! I’m losing xp boosts and multipliers, egg missions are taking longer to complete, and just FIX THAT BUTTON!

Rage over Swap Dragons Button!
The swap button must go

Yes, it used to be easy to attack things near it, now it is impossible.


For me the swap button is not an issue on any device, it’s about not being able to move the floating icons to a place where you want them, other games allow you to move the floating icons anywhere you want them.


Same here, the swap button is so annoying, I’m constantly swiping over it by accident almost every time I use my sorcerers and it’s damn frustrating!


Agreed! Imkeep hitting the freaking swap button anytime I use a hunter and try to take out the first tower on the first island! Good thing my teammates have a sense of humor. Please make it smaller or reposition it.


Until PG apply a fix for you…

You can turn the swap button Off.

Settings > Game > Enable Dragon Swapping


Omg. The new swap button placement is awful. Everybody hates it. I’m actually starting to get used to it now. But omg the first week I accidentally swapped out of almost every single attack!! It’s right in ur firing zone. It needs to go back up higher where it used to be. It’s absolutely horrible where it is now. N seriously every single person I’ve talked to. Has had the same problems with it. Swapping out constantly by mistake!!


Sounds like operator error to me. Its very easy to attack around it with a hunter. Just as easy with a sorcerer because it won’t swap if swipe over it with out taking your finger off the screen same with warriors


I agree and there was a thread about this on the old forums. According to one of the players who posted in that thread, the swap button has a square shaped activation area over the diamond shape button. The activation area had to be increased to fit the whole diamond inside of a square. If you hit next to the button, you are still hitting inside of the square activation area. Also, to accommodate the diamond shape, the button had to be moved to the left a little bit.

The best fix would be to allow people to move the swap button where they want it. Or else, put the old swap button back the way it was. Or else, move the swap button to a corner of the screen where it’s not in the way.


I’m actually not having issues with it unless I’m not paying attention. I can actually fire around it very close to the actual diamond so again not sure about the square activation area. For example I can hit all the boats in between both long islands - to do so requires me to fire very close to the swap button. Work out where that spot is that you can fire and you won’t have any issues.


@GhostRider008 …Many players have noticed this issue, its not user error. I have seen a lot of comments about this after the UI change in League Chat, Team Chat, and on the forums. It happens to me too when it never used to.

@Grumpybigbird …I just tested it several times, my dragons swap when I click an inch outside of the button.

Why doo doo on useful UI changes? There are other things that could be fixed at the same time. For instance: Making all dragons in your lineup visible without scrolling (theres room for it). Making all resources (including event items and sigils) visible in one place. Allowing building details to be visible while upgrading (especially the breeding castle and seeing what is required for the next upgrade on buildings).


Why they don’t just make something like double tap or tap and hold on swap botton to active it, that way will help a lot and easier than moving have it.


Good idea :bulb:


Just shrink it.

When learning how to drive I used to hit the windshield wiper lever often when parking. I learned well, but a few years later my car got a UI update and has a big lever now (in orange neon) and sometimes I can’t avoid activating when using the radio.


I like the idea of a Customisable interface where you can move the icons where you want, or turn them off as required. Id also like to see a button that clears everything off the screen when needed, eg for screenshots


I was the one who posted the comparison in the last forums. Here it is again for reference.

FYI i haven’t ever hit the swap button in the update unintentionally but i can still see where many other people are coming from. Just shrink it’s size to 60% of it’s current size around the fixed anchor point of the right hand corner of the diamond and it should be better :slight_smile:


The swap button is in a bad place. Move it higher up on the screen. It just is in the way.


Well I fly primarily hunters and it wasn’t an issue flying around it before. They screwed up the trigger window borders when they changed the shape and they need to adjust it one way or the other.


It’s definitely easier to accidentally tap it since the UI update


That is a poor option. Need swap for War attacks and XP runs. All PG needs to do is grab the size handle on the graphic icon and its active button area and shrink it to about half its current size. This should not be a difficult or time consuming remedy and most likely not. I think PG is weighing its options and looking at player feedback before making a decision.