Fix this ASAP please

How you can explain,that no one have access to Atlas,but SadSacks team conquered our castle???
It’s ridiculous!
I hope you all will fix this ASAP
Infinity team,ManPranceUSA castle
It had about 400+k troops and as I know,shields supposed to be up,during war event
@PGDave @Arelyna @PGMichael

Curious did you have someone from your team leave and join sad sacks? Was he the governer?

This happened with our alliance teams as well!
No one there haven’t changed teams
How you guys let it happened,and what will be with our infrastructure,which we already lost?

send a ticket with that screenshot so they have a record of it.

No one haven’t give them access and there wasn’t any enemy primarches on our lands when Atlas disappeared
Many other teams have the same issue,and no one haven’t left their teams
I’m curious what will happen with our gold in banks
And infrastructure
And how it’s possible that islands are not under shields in even time
Also,there wasn’t any notifications about attacks in atlas and to conquer all primarches must be destroyed
Even if garrison was empty because of update,there was a lot of primarches which must stay there I guess
Anyway,I hope this issue will be solved and all changed would be rolled back

The Governor of ManPranceUSA, Raist, changed teams from Infinity to SadSacks yesterday shortly after 6:00pm PST. The castle’s ownership is tied to the Governor, so as a result, the Castle now belongs to SadSacks. The Troops on the castle that your team owns can still be transferred off, but only if the team has given you Safe Passage.

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And with atlas down and no way to change governor. All rss in that island are just gone? Unless the governor returns to us out the kindness of their heart. If that person still is governor. At the moment.

Ok so upon reconquering our castle. We lost all infastructure and no infastructure in storage.

They are.

As it conquered from SadSacks? Since the Governor defected, the Infrastructure belonged to SadSacks and so it would go into their Storage instead.

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Great. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

So its just kind of one of those sucks to suck deals?

This is just ridiculous!
Explain me,please
Why there is no warning about this in game?
Since when island belongs to governor,not to team?
What will stop me from joining the team and quitting with stealing island and all infrastructure?
How it’s possible,that island have been conquered,with primarches on it ?
How it’s possible,that island have been conquered with shield on it?
Why we must pay for your glitches?
I’m really trying to be as polite as possible,but this situation crossed all limits of human’s patience

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Lol make sure u change governor before person quits.
I’ll suggest you contact your ex-gorvernor

If we had atlas access that would’ve been done. Do you read?

Lol why is this even a thing? Castles belong to the team not the governer.


What if person rage quit and we can’t do it immediately?
There is no warnings anywhere about this
Game must prevent this
And as I can see PG knews about this,but haven’t fixed this
And haven’t announced it anywhere officially

It’s same,if we will let person,who quit be an officer of the team.
And also,I’m still interested in answer,how it’s possible to conquer island under shield and with enemy primarches on it

It’s always been the case. Assign governors to people you trust. No team jumpers

Real? this sounds extremely unfair towards this team…